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Alain Legault

2016-08-28 Worship: More Than a Sunday Morning Event MP3 VID
2016-10-02 Because He Hath Anointed Me MP3 VID
2016-10-30 How is Your World Framed? MP3 VID
2016-11-02 Train Up a Child MP3 VID
2016-11-27 Contending MP3 VID
2017-01-29 Is God's Word the Final Say-So in Your Life? MP3 VID
2017-02-15 Whos Your Dady? MP3
2017-02-19 How Do We Forgive? MP3
2017-03-19 Measure Up MP3
2017-05-17 Who Has Bewitched You? Wait! Was it You? MP3 VID
2017-06-18 Have We Forgotten Who We Are? MP3 VID
2017-06-25 I Carry In Me the Sentence of Death MP3 VID
2017-08-30 The World Needs a Witness MP3 VID
2017-10-01 That's Not Who I Am MP3 VID
2017-10-04 Behold the Lamb; Who am I? MP3 VID
2017-10-29 Remember Your Origin Story MP3 VID
2017-12-10 There Is No Greater Gift MP3 VID
2018-01-28 My Doctrine is not Mine MP3 VID
2018-02-14 Do You Know Jesus? (I) MP3
2018-02-18 Do You Know Jesus? (II) MP3

Barry Johnson

2004-10-05 How We Hinder Prayer MP3
2004-12-08 God Will Deliver MP3
2005-03-09 God is Able MP3
2005-05-22 Do What the Father Says MP3
2005-05-22 How God Sees His Word MP3
2005-07-31 Handle Things God's Way MP3
2005-10-02 How We Shipwreck Faith MP3
2005-10-22 Do People See Jesus in What You Do? MP3
2005-11-20 It's All About Who You Know MP3
2006-07-12 Declarations That Defeat Us MP3
2006-08-06 Yield Not to Temptation MP3
2006-09-17 Why We Blame God MP3
2006-11-26 What Are you Willing To Do? MP3
2007-02-25 Are You Rejecting Your Authority? MP3
2007-10-07 Our Responsibilities as Christians MP3
2007-10-07 Pray for Them MP3
2007-10-10 Servant and Disciple MP3
2007-11-25 Who is God Trying to Catch? MP3
2008-03-26 Are You a Steward? MP3
2008-05-28 Satan Wants Us to Forget MP3
2008-06-15 Why Aren't We That? MP3
2008-06-18 This Could Be Your Story MP3
2008-06-22 What is Your Willoughby? MP3
2008-08-13 Naaman's Example MP3
2008-08-27 What is Your Heart's Desire? MP3
2008-09-14 We Are Different MP3
2008-09-17 The Widow's Mite: The Real Message MP3
2008-10-05 Do You Have the Time? MP3
2008-11-23 Don't Die in Your Wilderness MP3
2008-11-30 Submission is a Decision MP3
2008-12-28 Starving the Devourer MP3
2009-01-11 The Bullets Are Not Real MP3
2009-01-18 Seeing What God Sees MP3
2009-01-21 Addicted to Ministry MP3
2009-01-25 Are Birth Defects of God? MP3
2009-02-01 Maintaining Your World MP3
2009-02-08 A Look at Proverbs 2:5 MP3
2009-04-26 Repainting Your Canvass MP3
2009-04-26 A Look at 1 Kings 18:17-40 MP3
2009-06-21 A Grasshopper Mentality MP3
2009-09-13 Psalm 91 MP3
2009-10-04 Being Vessels of Honor MP3
2009-10-11 The Importance of Worship MP3
2010-01-07 Teaching Unbelief Pt 1 MP3
2010-02-14 Teaching Unbelief Pt 2 MP3
2010-02-28 Are You Living By Your Computer? MP3
2010-06-01 Don't Let Satan Fill You MP3
2010-06-06 Teaching Unbelief Pt 3 MP3
2010-06-13 Speak to Your Dry Bones MP3
2010-09-15 Hoodwinked MP3
2010-10-03 The Works of Faith MP3
2010-10-06 Be Encouraged MP3
2010-11-28 Now Is Not The End MP3
2010-11-28 Fear Not to Step Out MP3
2011-01-23 Give No Place to the Devil MP3
2011-03-13 Memories Can Separate You From Your Life MP3
2011-06-26 The Hardening of Pharaoh's Heart MP3
2011-06-26 The Woman of Endor MP3
2011-06-26 Abraham Had an 'In' MP3
2011-10-02 Whose Slave Are you? MP3
2011-10-05 Taking a Stand MP3
2011-11-17 Lies We Believe MP3
2012-02-26 God's Predestination MP3
2012-03-04 A Christian's Morning-After Pill MP3
2012-06-17 Pleasing Your Father MP3
2012-09-12 Are You Going to Bow? MP3
2012-09-16 You Are My Goshen MP3
2012-09-16 Love Letters MP3
2012-10-07 Stand Still and Watch MP3
2012-10-10 The Never-Ending Contest MP3
2013-02-24 Love and Forgiveness MP3
2013-02-27 Male & Female Created He Them MP3
2013-03-17 That Ye May Live MP3
2013-06-19 How We Auto-Correct God MP3
2013-08-11 My Testimony MP3
2013-08-18 The Purpose of Storms MP3
2013-08-21 Religious Strongholds MP3
2013-10-06 Are You a Separatist? MP3
2013-10-09 Satan Wants Influential Voices MP3
2014-01-29 Give Them Hope MP3
2014-02-15 Are You Satisfied With Your Faith? MP3
2014-02-19 God is Waiting on You MP3
2014-03-19 The Rock and the Hard Place MP3
2014-05-17 Faith and the Schoolmaster MP3
2014-06-18 Eternal Death That Sounds Good MP3
2014-06-25 Simple Obedience to the Word (Pt 1) MP3
2014-08-30 Simple Obedience to the Word (Pt 2) MP3
2014-10-01 Are You Set Under Authority? MP3
2014-10-04 Choose Your Words Carefully MP3
2015-02-22 How We Got Here (Pt 1) MP3
2015-02-15 How We Got Here (pt 2) MP3
2015-02-25 Leading or Following? MP3
2015-05-17 Are You a Thomas Christian? MP3
2015-05-17 What Jesus Did for Us MP3
2015-08-05 God is Good, Love and Faithful MP3
2015-08-09 Turning the World Upside Down MP3
2015-08-09 Our Prayers Matter MP3
2015-08-23 A Little Faith is Not Enough MP3
2015-08-23 God is My Co-Pilot MP3
2015-08-26 Will You Answer the Call? MP3
2015-10-04 The Enemy Hates Hupomone MP3
2015-10-04 Enduring Hardness MP3
2015-10-28 Stay Close to the Source MP3
2015-11-29 Are You Respecting Authority? MP3
2015-11-29 According to MP3
2015-12-13 Victory, Not Success MP3
2015-12-30 You Can Decide Your 2016 MP3
2016-01-03 Sticks, Stones and Words MP3 VID
2016-01-06 Living the Gift MP3 VID
2016-01-31 Homosexuality: What If? MP3 VID
2016-01-31 The Father in Me MP3 VID
2016-02-03 Blessed Tree of Cursed Shrub? MP3 VID
2016-02-17 Choosing Your Tomorrow Today MP3 VID
2016-02-21 Understanding the Real Battle MP3 VID
2016-02-21 The Choice is Yours MP3 VID
2016-02-24 What it Means to be Family MP3 VID
2016-06-15 We Are the Watchmen MP3 VID
2016-06-19 Little Risk, Little Faith MP3 VID
2016-07-24 What Makes Us Unworthy MP3 VID
2016-08-28 What Many Christians Don't Know MP3 VID
2016-10-02 Making the Devil Pay MP3 VID
2016-10-05 An Answer of Peace MP3 VID
2016-10-30 Who Are you Serving? MP3 VID
2017-01-29 Are You Speaking for the Kingdom? MP3 VID
2017-02-19 Satan's Only Hope MP3 --
2017-02-22 Seeking the Kingdom MP3 --
2017-03-09 Culture and the Church MP3 --
2017-06-21 Do You Have a Missouri Mentality? MP3 VID
2017-06-25 Taking God Under Advisement MP3 VID
2017-07-23 Doors: Open or Closed? MP3 VID
2017-07-23 Why Genesis is Important MP3 VID
2017-07-26 Kings Unto God MP3 VID
2017-07-30 We Have POA MP3 VID
2017-08-06 When a Person's World is Right MP3 VID
2017-10-01 Jesus' Reality; My Reality MP3 VID
2017-10-29 Choosing to Suffer MP3 VID
2017-12-17 The Christmas Story MP3 VID
2018-01-28 Can You Be Threatened? MP3
2018-02-21 Born to Love MP3



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