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Dear Friends,

Some people have asked if the Lord has revealed anything to me about the coming year. While He hasn’t given me anything specific about 2012, I will share some things He has revealed to me about what is approaching.


Over the last several weeks I have read prophetic words from different ministers about what is coming up in the next year. These prophecies have dealt with such topics as financial instability, the collapse of ministries not established in holiness and sound doctrine, and judgment upon both the United States and the Church.

What I have found very intriguing is the fact that every one of these prophecies I have read echoes prophecies we have received in our church over the past few years. This goes right along with what God said in Amos 3:7, Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

The fact that so many are saying the same thing at this time tells me that something is stirring in the spirit and that Christians had better get serious about their walk with God. I don’t believe it a coincidence that God led me to teach a series titled “The Judgment Seat of Christ” based on His warning to all Believers in 2 Corinthians 5:10. (As I write this letter I recently preached the 29th sermon in that series.)


One of the things the Holy Spirit has shown me is that some of the teachings which have come forth over many years from numerous “prophecy teachers” about end-time events are wrong. Space prohibits me from being lengthy, but I can tell you that some of the popular teachings about the mark of the beast, the anti-Christ (a term which appears nowhere in the book of the Revelation), the one-world government, one-world currency, and the United States’ involvement during the final, seven-year tribulation are wrong.

In several messages I have shared from scripture how some of the popular beliefs of “the end” can’t be correct…and a few people have been quite disturbed over what I have said. I understand their dismay, because it means that some of what they have believed and trusted for years is wrong, and it means that some of their favorite end-time preachers have misinterpreted scripture.

For example, many prophesies delivered several years ago that the Euro was going to be the one-world currency are beginning to look questionable. The Euro has nose-dived in value, it is facing potential collapse, and some nations are now talking about abandoning its use altogether and pulling out of the Euro system.

The Holy Spirit has shown me that while many Christians are looking for incorrect end-time prophecies to manifest, they are going to miss the genuine fulfillment of actual events foretold in the Bible. Likewise, when certain things do not come to pass as taught, some Believers are going to become discouraged and disillusioned, similar to what was written in 2 Peter 3:4, …Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.

There are two subjects about which you can hold a conference and see people flock to attend: one is prosperity and the other is end-time prophecy. The bottom line is that far too many Christians are trying to figure out the identity of the anti-Christ, the mark of the beast, the end-time role of the United States and so forth. The result is that they are missing their real purpose: conforming to the image of Christ, living holy as God is holy, and seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. This lack of maturity is setting them up for the end-time deception that Jesus foretold in scripture.


Many people have taught and prophesied about an end-time revival sweeping the world prior to the return of Jesus. While it is true that there will be a revival, the Holy Spirit showed me quite some time ago that this revival will not fit the mold of what Christians have called revivals in the past.

Most of you are probably aware of what is called the Azusa Revival in the Los Angeles area during the early years of the 1900’s. People came from throughout the United States and other nations to experience what God was doing. The Holy Spirit shared with me that this is the kind of revival a vast majority of Christians believe will take place. Thus, any time a camp meeting, conference or week-long series of services is extended to several weeks or months, word begins to spread and Believers from all over head for the event, many believing, “This is it! This is the revival we’ve been waiting for!”

I am all in favor of being a part of what God is doing, no matter where He is doing it. But too many of these “revivals” have been dominated by outlandish behavior, bizarre actions and words from “prophets,” doctrine that can in no way be supported by scripture, and sin on the account of those in leadership. The crowds begin to thin, claims of the spectacular are exposed as having been overblown and exaggerated, and the so-called revival turns out not to be the great end-time harvest of souls that ushers in the return of Jesus.

Once during a time of prayer, the Holy Spirit used a vision to explain exactly how end-time revival will take place. In this vision, it was as though I was looking down on a map of the United States. Each state was a different color, similar to the maps used in text books. As I looked, a fountain of water began to spring up from a city in the middle of the map (there were no city names on the map, just the outlines of the states). Immediately after, another fountain sprang up from another city in another part of the country. Then more fountains came forth from city after city. Pretty soon, there were fountains of water all over the map.

Each of these fountains represented revival breaking out in those cities. The fountains themselves never joined together, but the waters they produced began to flow from the source cities to surrounding cities. The Holy Spirit was explaining that there will not be one, single, huge revival, but there will be numerous revivals all over the world. These revivals will not attract the same media attention as would a single, massive and localized revival. The lack of such attention means there will be less opposition, making it much easier for the revivals to spread.

The Holy Spirit also explained how these revivals in multiple locations will impact Satan. While God is Omniscient (all-knowing), Omnipotent (all-powerful) and Omnipresent (present everywhere at once), Satan is none of these. Thus, with multiple revivals happening all at once, it will make it more difficult for the devil to stop them; he will be trying to fight a war on multiple fronts and it will thin his forces.

Additionally, the Holy Spirit shared that this massive end-time revival – composed of small “fountains of revival” throughout the world – will not be dominated or controlled by so-called “prophets”; there will be such people who will attempt to influence and gain control, and some will even try to replicate what is happening by creating their own “fountain.” But the genuine revivals will be:

  1. Birthed out of prayer, holiness, crucifying self-will, humbleness, and a hunger for absolute truth.
  2. Led by the Holy Spirit.
  3. Stewarded by the “five-fold ministries”: the true Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers; all of whom will be assisted by “Timothy’s” who seek not titles and promotion, but seek only the will of the Father.

Along with all of this, I have some very good news for you: The fountains have begun to spring forth! Keep in mind that this is not about a massive, unstoppable flood; it is about individual fountains which start small but increase in intensity. Just because you or I have not heard about any revivals does not mean they aren’t taking place. They will not gain a lot of attention in the natural, but will have all of God’s attention in the spirit.

This is why it is so crucial to stop looking for revival to break out in (such-and-such city); instead, focus on what God wants to do where you are now! No matter how large or small your church, you can tap into God’s river of life and a fountain can break loose. Even if you are in prison, a fountain of revival can begin flowing behind bars. Do not be deceived into accepting the thought that “someone else will start the revival.” Have you considered that you are that someone else? Have you considered that your church can be a revival fountain?


The Holy Spirit recently helped me see something about the Body of Christ that is quite alarming. As you are most likely aware, God has told His Church to consider the example of Israel when it comes to walking in either obedience or disobedience (see 1 Corinthians 10). Israel always professed a belief in God, but repeatedly they would ignore His word and create their own standards of religion. Often, some of these standards actually pointed people away from God rather than to Him. Basically, they lost their fear of God and no longer considered His word to be their final authority.

The same thing is happening in the Church today. A great number of Christians are no longer living in a holy, healthy fear of God, and no longer consider His word to be their final authority on all matters of life, living, holiness and doctrine. Over time, they have created their own theology according to what they have reasoned in their minds…all the while professing a relationship with Jesus and a commitment to God and the Bible.

Throughout the Old Testament, God raised up prophets who would point out Israel’s sin. But the general consensus of the religious leaders (other prophets, priests, etc) was that these men were wrong. Those of the consensus would then persecute, beat, imprison and even kill the people God had sent to warn them. This is revealed in part in Hebrews 11:36-39.

The Holy Spirit explained that there are Christians who have completely hardened their hearts to any truth which contradicts what they want to believe. Some of these Christians are the heads of major ministries or the pastors of large churches. They are all part of a modern-day consensus who will use their influence to turn Believers away from the voices speaking uncompromised truth.

The challenge for the remnant walking in truth is to not let the consensus draw us into a war of words. We are to stand strong and let God’s word do our talking for us. We must get it settled in our hearts now that we will face criticism, defamation, harsh accusations and rebuke from other Christians for our unwavering stand.

However, Jesus foretold this and we can take comfort in knowing that His strength in us will see us through. With this thought I will give you a word of encouragement the Holy Spirit shared with me some time ago:

God is in eternity (outside the realm or control of time as it is measured in the natural). He is already in your next week, waiting for you to arrive. But He is also in your ‘now,’ ready to guide you into next week where He is waiting for you.

Yours in His Love!



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