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Dear Friends,

Things have been extremely busy lately and I had not written my July letter. Then, during our church service on Sunday night, July 8, the Lord gave the following prophecy that I have transcribed to be my letter for this month.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

For as my Son said in His word, that this gospel would be preached throughout the world and then the end. Over the years many have interpreted that to mean that missionaries would be sent to the four corners of this world; that the gospel would be preached in that method.

But in years past, no one, no one had a clue what was to come concerning media. For you see, with the advent of satellites and the internet, the gospel can be preached around this world with no one leaving their home. This means that no longer are thousands of dollars required and tens of thousands of dollars needed to send missionaries and evangelists and pastors and apostles to go into regions and preach and deliver my gospel.

For the technology exists for the gospel to be preached anywhere. Portable generators, screens that could be set up, computers that can receive signals from satellites and broadcast the gospel; so many things are happening, so many methods are available for the gospel to be spread. And the gospel is being spread throughout this world faster than it ever has in all of recorded human history.

For as my Son said in His word, that this gospel would be preached throughout the world and then the end. Over the years many have interpreted that to mean that missionaries would be sent to the four corners of this world; that the gospel would be preached in that method.

Now hear me, says the Lord. This has captured the attention of the enemy and there are things that are happening in the realm of the spirit that few know. There is a confederation of principalities that has been initiated. The prince over the principality of what you know as Russia, the prince over the principality of what you know as Eastern Europe and Middle Europe, the prince over the principality of the Middle East, the prince over the principality of the United States, and others, have joined together in a way they have never joined together.

For you see, in my Body there is unity; but in the camp of the enemy there is disunity. And there have been times throughout history when even spiritual forces turned against each other. But there is a unity that has been brought about in the realm of the spirit as these principalities have been formulating plans; plans to bring down the United States. And the plans that have been implemented in the spirit by the principality of Russia, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States are being implemented here in this nation.

And there are voices, politicians who have in their hearts and minds the implementation of those plans and yet, they do not know they have been influenced by spiritual voices of the enemy. For you see, the frontal attacks have never worked in this nation. The only thing that has ever worked has been an attack that has come from within and has risen up in the political arena.

And over the years and over the decades politicians have been placed, voted in, to places of authority and they have begun to rule with an iron fist that is covered with flesh. The plans of these principalities have been laid forth; and right now, governmental leaders are being maneuvered into positions that these principalities hope will become positions of leadership within many nations, including this country, the United States. If this happens, their voices will speak as one because they will be speaking what they are hearing from the voices of the spirit.

This is a very dangerous time. However, if you will read the Book of Revelation you will see revealed in its pages a unity within the kingdom of darkness. The forerunner of that is being formed now to try and bring about the downfall of the United States. For you see, if the United States collapses the voice of Christianity will be muffled.

Now I am telling you this to let you know that you need to pray. For you see, these principalities are desperately hoping you do not hear this message. And they are desperately hoping that those who hear will not take heed. But I say unto you, my Son has already given to you the power, anointing and victory in the spiritual realm. You have the ability to bring confusion into these plans. You have the ability to stop this thing.

There are many politicians who have given themselves over to evil, but they don't know it. In their minds they believe they are truly doing what is best for this country. You must stop looking at the politicians as the source of the evil that is in this country. You must wage warfare in the realm of the spirit. There are even those who profess my Son as Savior, politicians that are born again, and yet they have begun listening to the voices of evil and they don't realize it.

And I say this to you this night to warn you and to encourage you that what is happening is not my will. However, you have the ability to shut this down. If you will begin to pray and if you will begin to speak, yes, to prophesy into the spirit, it will release me and it will release angels to do a work that will put this thing to a stop.

All is not lost. There are many that are saying that this next election is doomed. I say unto you, pay close attention to what you're saying. It is an election, not an appointment; this means that you have the ability to elect individuals into positions of authority. I have not appointed evil to reign over righteousness.

Therefore, do not give heed to the voices that continually speak doom over this nation, even if those voices are coming from your pulpit. Do not give heed to voices that say there is no hope. Do not give heed to voices that say all is lost. I say unto you that if you will stand up and wage warfare in the realm of the spirit, you can bring about a change that is absolutely confound the camp of the enemy. As I have said to you before, the enemy's greatest hope is that you will remain complacent and allow him to work his work. But if you will shake off the dust of complacency, and if you will begin to speak my will, to speak my desires, to speak my heart, using your authority in this realm, I will be able to add an anointing to your words and to your prayers that will bring about change.

Many have said that the responsibility to change a nation rests on my shoulders. I say it does not. It rests on the shoulders of the citizens of that nation. For you see, when you have the ability to vote and put the righteous into office my word will come to pass that the people rejoice when the righteous rule. But if you do not do this, then whatever takes place is your fault, not mine. I will do everything I can within the authority that you release to bring about change.

There are things happening in the realm of the Middle East even now. There are principalities at work trying to formulate new plans regarding military interaction. And I say unto you, intercede, pray, speak life into what the world calls a dead situation. You are not going to change the future relative to what I have spoken in my word; but you can create atmospheres of change that will bring about the salvation of many millions more.

For you see, there is a great rumbling that is taking place even at this time within the nation of China. For centuries, that nation has been dark; it has been closed to the gospel. And yet because of prayers and intercession, churches have been able to be established in that country. Even now, the spiritual forces that have been in control for so long in China in the realm of the government are losing their grip. To respond to this, they are mounting a greater attack. Now this attack will take place, but its intensity can be lessened through prayer and intercession.

There are many other things that are happening in this world. The kingdom of darkness is greatly concerned. For my church, the remnant of those that are truly seeking after me, has captured the attention of the enemy.

One of the things that has caused this to happen is the increase of worship in my church. For so many years people were trained to sing songs out of the hymnals; and they sang, not realizing the fullness of what they were singing. But in the recent years you have seen many psalmists rise up and write songs that are directing the attention of the singers to me.

And churches that for so long were bound by their hymnals are now changing their method of worship. Even those churches that do not believe in being filled with my Holy Spirit are learning new avenues of worship. And lest you think I will not honor that worship because they do not believe in being filled with the Holy Spirit, I would say to you that if they are worshipping me out of a sincere heart it is a pleasing fragrance to me before my throne.

And because there has been this great increase in worship in my church, it has enabled me to begin to move in a powerful and mighty way in this world. Things are being lined up now for the return of my Son. The time is short, but before He returns the greatest level of my glory that has ever been seen by humanity is going to be released. And I am going to pour this glory out in a way that is going to capture the attention of even those who don't believe in my existence.

So I say to you this night, take heed to my words. Take action, do these things that you have heard me say and know that I am there beside you to move on your behalf; and I will move. And if you do these things, I say to you this night you are going to see an absolutely incredible move by me, the Almighty God, in this world.

So yield to me. Stand strong in your faith. Do not become weak. Do not become weary. Do not become frightful. For I will strengthen you with my glory and I will strengthen you with my anointing, and you will see me move in your lives, in your families, in your churches, in your nation, and in this world, says the Lord.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

To be sure no one misunderstands I would like to point out a few things pertaining to this prophecy. In the beginning part, the Lord was not saying that people will no longer travel to other nations to preach. He was emphasizing that new forms of media enable the gospel to be spread faster and, in some cases, more effectively. Think about it: if a nation declares that no more Christians are allowed inside its borders, but we have the right kind of satellite and computer equipment in that country, we can still hold services and spread the gospel.

Then, when the Lord said that in the past that spiritual forces of the enemy have turned against each other, in my mind I immediately thought of the scripture where Jesus taught that a house divided against itself cannot stand. The instant I had that thought, I had an inner-vision of what the Lord meant. In this vision, I saw children fussing and arguing over who would get their way. It was then that I understood what the Lord was talking about.

In the part about worship, the Lord was not saying that the use of hymnals or singing hymns is wrong. What He was pointing out is that many people have settled into a religious routine of singing from the hymnal but not truly worshipping. The worship songs which have come out over the past 20-25 years have altered this religious routine and caused many to finally focus on what they are singing and the genuine purpose for worship services.

I know we have some new people on the mailing list, so I want to again pass along this reminder that if you ever want to copy these letters for others you are free to do so.

Yours in His love,



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