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Dear Friends,

For several years the Lord has given our church numerous prophetic words concerning attacks of the enemy and wrong doctrine that will mislead so many Christians. We are seeing these words come to pass right before our eyes. Here is a sampling of things which have taken place just within the past two years:

  • Church services and crusades have experienced "gold dust" floating down out of thin air over the crowd.

  • "Angels" appearing in people's homes, church services, and crusades to give people special "words from God" (one well-known preacher even described how an angel has appeared in his home to play with his dog).

  • Gem stones instantly appearing on church altars during services.

  • A special "angel" named Emma who has shown up at several different church services, crusades, camp meetings, and revivals to minister to people.

  • Churches, which are known to have preached salvation through faith in Jesus, are implementing more and more of the practices and ordinances of the Law of Moses; some are actually reintroducing animal sacrifices.

People who defend the appearance of gold dust and gems in their services say these things bring glory to God and testify of His greatness. Baloney! Jesus and the Apostles brought glory to God as people were healed and delivered. If there were a need for gold dust and gems, we would see something about it in scripture.

Those who are slipping backwards into the Law of Moses need to spend some time meditating on what God has said about the Law in passages like Matthew 5:17, John 1:17, Acts 15:1-24, Romans 6:14, 7:4, and 10:4. If God had required that humanity live under the Law of Moses, He would have given it in the Garden of Eden and we would be calling it the Law of Adam.

While I agree that there are several occurrences of angelic visitations in the Old Testament, once you get to the New Testament and the way God deals with the Body of Christ, you will not find any of the above supported by scripture. Likewise, I have yet to find any scriptural reference to an angel in the feminine.

What boggles the mind is the fact that it doesn't take a whole lot of diligent study of God's word to find the error in all of this. Even so, more and more Christians, pastors and evangelists are falling into these traps of the enemy. If you read the New Testament, you will see warnings of this "falling away" being given by Jesus and in the books written by the Apostles.

The following is a word of prophecy given by the Lord during our Sunday morning church service on May 4, 2008:

For I say to you this day, a new assault has been launched against the Body of Christ. This has been made possible because Satan has found doors through which he can enter. These doors are the deceived preachers that are in the land. Satan has been knocking for a long time and now there are preachers, even this day, who have been sucked into a deception.

Because they have given over to this deception and not stayed in my presence to guard themselves, they have become a door through which this new attack has been launched. In the days to come you are going to see more and more Christians pulled into a great deception. You are going to hear of more and more preachers rising up and preaching a deception. The name of my Son Jesus is going to be associated with this.

This is increasing even now. You have heard many sermons, you have heard many words, you have seen in my word that these things were coming to pass. This is all setting the stage for a tremendous spiritual battle. For I would have you know that the things you read in the Book of Revelation - all of those things that take place in the realm of the natural - are a reflection of warfare in the realm of the spirit. For there must be great warfare in the spirit before there can be great warfare in the natural.

And I say to you this day: Watch out, be very cautious; for it is very possible that some of you are going to hear the voice of preachers that you have trusted begin to speak things that do not line up with my word. And there are great masses of my children who are going to give heed to these seducing spirits and these doctrines of devils.

Many of you have wondered what the remnant is about, the remnant that has been spoken of through these many years. This remnant includes those who will not yield to the voice of deception. But hear me: If you are not strong in me and in the power of my might, you are going to give in; for you are going to come across people - either in print, audio, television - somehow, you are going to come across people, maybe even some in your own lives - friends, former pastors, or preachers that you have met over the years - and these people are going to speak deception because of the deception that has been sown into their hearts.

And I tell you now, you had better be strong in me and my power because what you are going to experience is going to look so much like me; and this is why the deception will be so effective in so many people.

So I'm telling you now that a new attack has been launched in the Body of Christ and the reason for this is because Satan has found doors, "mouthpieces," through whom he can speak. And keep in mind that these mouthpieces are not going to be telling people to worship the devil. This is where many of my children have made big mistakes, thinking that deceptive voices are only going to tell people to turn away from Jesus. But I tell you, this is not true.

Deception only works within the camp if it is within the camp; the deception will rise from within. And that is why my word and the name of my Son Jesus will be so closely associated with what you hear. It is the beginning; the beginning of leading my children away from me, but it must start small. Just as I have said in my word that a little fire will kindle a great blaze; I have also said in my word that a little leaven will leaven the whole lump.

There are those of you that are hearing these words that have heard warnings in the past and you have not taken them seriously. I want you to know this: I love you, but I am holding you accountable for the words of warning that you have heard. And I say to you, as you would say to someone else, you had better get your act together; because if you don't, you are setting yourself up for a deception. For there are those of you in this room this day, that over the last three years have said some things as a result of being influenced by deception, things that you should have known better but you allowed it to creep into your heart.

And I am saying this as your Father, I love you and I am taking this time to warn you. Guard your heart; be strong in me and in the power of my might; and if you are, you will not fall prey to this deception.

The next day, Monday, I had a short "visionette" relative to this word. In this vision it was as though I was looking down on a very large map of the United States. A very dark, thick, billowing cloud (the kind you see just before a tremendous storm hits) had rolled in from the west coast and covered nearly half the nation, almost to the Mississippi River. As I prayed about this cloud and its meaning, the Lord said,

This is what I see from Heaven. The cloud is the darkness of the deception impacting my church. It is worse than what you think. I see it in the realm of the spirit; you see its results when people preach. This cloud is destroying many lives. Some of my children are even now turning their backs on me as I warned in 2 Timothy 4:4, And they shall turn away their ears from the truth and shall be turned unto fables.

It is a difficult thing for many of my children to understand how someone who professed my Son Jesus as their Savior can turn away from me. But you must understand that I have never violated a person's free will, and this includes their ability to choose whether or not they will continue to follow me. I have promised to sustain anyone who is saved, from the moment of their salvation to the moment they enter into eternity. But if you will study my word you will see that I can only sustain those who choose to follow me.

What does a cloud do? It blocks out the light. What does deception do? It blocks out the light of my word and my truth. What happens when light is blocked out by a cloud? People get flashlights and candles or turn on lights to create their own light. And what are house lights, flashlights and candles called? Artificial light because they are not the genuine light produced by the sun. When a cloud of deception rolls in, it is accompanied by "artificial light" created by those living in and preaching the deception.

One of the greatest lies ever perpetrated on my church is that a Christian cannot turn from me. But it is happening even now. Many who have turned from me or who are walking in deception are still using the name of my Son. But He prophesied about this in Matthew chapter 24.

The cloud you saw is not going away; it is a great work of the enemy which will help lay the path for the fulfillment of John's vision on the Isle of Patmos. Not everyone living in the cloud will stay there. Many will come out before it is too late.

You must guard your heart with my word, for have I not said that faith is like a shield? And how does faith come? By hearing and hearing by my word. Likewise, you build yourself up on your faith by praying in the Spirit. Do not give heed to every voice and every sermon which seems to be new and incredible revelation. Test the spirits. Try every sermon by the fire of my word. Let the glory of my truth illuminate your spirit and you will not be overshadowed by the cloud of deception.

The Bible tells us that we are to look for the Second Coming of Jesus. My concern is that some may be looking so intently for His return that they fail to recognize the gentle, downward slope their doctrinal error is taking them. This is very serious and no one is incapable of being deceived. It is absolutely critical that we stay focused on the fullness of what God has given us in His word.

One aspect of this that I find particularly alarming is how many Christians and churches are ever so slowly turning back to the Law of Moses. Though I will not share any names here, there are some very popular preachers having quite large ministries who have begun leading their followers back to food restrictions, feasts, festivals, and Sabbath restrictions, all of which the Apostle Paul warns of in Colossians 2:1-17.

What people don’t seem to grasp is that the more they believe they are required to observe tenets of the Law to experience, enjoy, or retain their salvation, they are actually rejecting the fullness of what the blood of Jesus has done for them. They are shifting their faith away from the blood of the Lamb and to their own “works of righteousness” (Philippians 3:8-9). Scripture gives a dire warning for those who do this in Hebrews 10:19-29.

We are in the last days. I believe the return of the Lord is very near…but I don’t believe it is this year. From what scripture reveals, there is going to be a remnant of Believers rise up in the world who are walking in a stunning level of truth, grace, and power. There is going to be an outpouring of glory that will harvest an untold number of souls into God’s Kingdom.

I encourage you to take inventory of the preachers you allow to speak into your life. There may be some God wants you to remove from your life. In fact, there may be some people He wants to lead to another church. Even if 90% of what Brother So-and-So preaches is truth, that 10% of error could lead you astray; remember, a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump (1 Corinthians 5:6-7).

Don't allow a modern-day Pharisee to blind you and lead you into a ditch (Luke 6:39). As the Lord shared, try every sermon by the fire of His word. Stay in His word and in fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Let the anointing of His truth fill your spirit and guard you from those who would deceive you!

Your fellow servant,



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