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Dear Friends,

From time to time I am asked for advice regarding ministry, spiritual growth and an individual's personal walk with God. What many people do not realize is that their questions need, and deserve, more than just a short reply. In fact, because there is so much conflicting doctrine in the Body of Christ, most questions need rather lengthy answers: first, to explain why what many Christians believe about a subject is wrong; and second, to give a detailed revelation from scripture explaining what is right.

This month I am going to identify specific topics about which numerous Christians have wanted clarity, and then share with you my various teaching series that deal with those topics. Many of the series listed could easily be placed in additional categories. All of the series mentioned are available at my website for on-line listening or download at no charge. They are also available on MP3 CD's. Please note that this a not complete list of available teaching series.

MARRIAGE; FAMILY ISSUES – 128 The Sacred Nature of Marriage; 167 When Jesus is Lord

PROSPERITY/THE PROSPERITY MESSAGE – 120 Financing Revival; 130 Biblical Prosperity: Going Beyond the Formulas; 168 The Two Sides of Giving; 182 Knowing, Understanding and Possessing Your Inheritance; 184 Inherited Benefits

SALVATION/ETERNAL SECURITY/THE BORN AGAIN LIFE – 145 I'm Born Again and I'm Saved; 160 From Covenant to Son; 163 Is My Eternity Secure?; 170 Do Christians Have a Sin Nature?; 183 Christianity and the Law; 191 The Judgment Seat of Christ

SPIRITUAL WARFARE – 106 Exposing Satan's War Manual; 149 Dominion Over Devils; 156 Entering the Realm of the Spirit; 157 The Kingdom Strikes First; 162 The Truth About Generational Curses; 169 The Spirits in Prison; 171 Can a Christian Have a Demon?; 190 Identifying and Conquering a Jezebel Spirit

TONGUES/THE GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT – 103 Are Tongues and the Gifts of the Spirit for Today?; 104 Praying in Tongues: What Am I Saying?; 121 The Power of Praying in Tongues

THE LOCAL CHURCH/SCRIPTURAL ORDER – 141 How to Have a Book of Acts Church; 142 Called, Declared and Set in Order; 185 The 23rd Psalm Shepherd

YOUR PERSONAL MINISTRY CALLING – 124 Excellence in Ministry; 129 Lord, What Do I Do?; 133 Taking Heed to Your Ministry; 138 God, What is Your Plan for Me?; 155 Are You in Rebellion?; 161 Prophets and Prophecy; 164 How to be Promoted By God; 179 God's Pattern for Your Ministry

SPIRITUAL GROWTH & MATURITY – 105 Meditation Produces Transformation; 107 Framing Your World; 126 Learning to Hear God's Voice; 127 Bearing the Fruit of the Spirit; 148 Philippian Maturity; 150 Greatness in the Kingdom; 153 Operating in God's Wisdom ;154 How the Holy Spirit Teaches Us; 172 The Person of the Holy Spirit; 173 Obtaining Supernatural Knowledge; 192 Transformed to the Mind of Christ

DELIVERANCE/CHANGING HABITS & BEHAVIOR – 110 Mortifying the Flesh; 144 The Law of the Spirit of Life; 147 God's Holy Lifestyle; 151 Winning a Gideon Victory; 158 Tearing Down Your Jericho; 174 Restoring the Fallen; 178 Understanding Your Deliverance; 186 The Prison of Unforgiveness; 187 Healing the Brokenhearted; 189 Breaking Every Addiction

ANOINTING AND GOD'S POWER – 117 The Resident Anointing; 143 The Works That I Do; 166 Conforming to His Image

CRITICAL SPIRITUAL SUBJECTS – 113 What is Genuine Revival?; 131 This Do In Remembrance (a series about the power of communion); 132 Water Baptism: A Foundation for Believers; 135 Getting Prayers Answered; 136 The Force of Grace; 140 Unleashing the Power of Worship; 152 Unlocking the Secrets of Fasting; 159 Breaking Through with Worship;

The above list of teaching series does not include non-series sermons. I encourage you to visit my website where you will find almost 2,000 sermons (series plus non-series). In closing, I will share two recent prophetic words the Lord gave in our church. Both of these prophecies are included in sermons with the same name as the prophecy.

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Everything in My Word is spoken from My vantage point. Every revelation is from My point of view. Every instruction is Kingdom-based. Every teaching is oriented toward your spiritual maturity. I have subjected nothing in My Word to the scrutiny of man; but I hold man accountable to the scrutiny of My Word.

I am truth, I have determined truth, and I have recorded truth in the Bible. I have not left My Word open for debate. My Word has been sealed for all eternity by the glory of My perfection. When you sit in your councils and discuss My Word as though it were some corporate proposal, the validity of which is up to you to decide, then you have made yourself a god.

Yours is not the right to vote on what you will and will not accept as Divine in origin. You do not hold enough status or rank to conclude which parts of My Word do not apply to Christians today. Did I not say that all scripture is beneficial for your doctrine? Why, then, do you ponder in your mind about what you will and will not believe?

Rare is the Christian who seeks after teachers who are obviously not of me; who are not even born again. But common is the Christian who finds satisfaction in teachings that lend to no genuine spiritual growth. Do you honestly believe that I would send someone into your life who would deny portions of scripture in their teachings?

I would ask: How do you know that what you believe is truth? Can you, without question, fully support what you believe with a contextual use of My Word? Has what you believe been formed and crafted by the church you attend, or by My Word and the ministry of the Holy Spirit? What are you doing to walk in more truth?

You believe that keeping peace in My Church and fostering unity among Believers is accomplished by declaring that you should be mature enough to agree to disagree. But I say unto you that such a criterion does not exist in My Kingdom. You cannot find anywhere in scripture where the Apostles held to such a theme. Rather, you find where the Apostles took an unwavering stand against those who disagreed with their teachings.

My Word says you are to mature to the point of being in unity in the faith. Your free will enables you to disagree; but in My Kingdom I have made no accommodating provision for any teaching which disagrees with me. I would ask you: How do you conclude that there is any benefit to your life in accepting the teaching of someone who disagrees with me? Are you truly so blind?

I have watched for centuries as My Church has twisted and manipulated My Word to accommodate what they want to believe, just in the same way that I watched for centuries as the religious leaders of the Jews twisted the Law into something I never said. And, just like I held Israel accountable for distorting My Word, I will hold My Church accountable for the same crime.

Just as My Son chastised and rebuked the religious leaders for their altering of My Word, the Holy Spirit is today doing the same. I am calling into account those who proclaim their error and traditions as being truth birthed of My Spirit. The days are short for your world and I am increasing the purging of My Church (of its error). I am also increasing the way I am publicly exposing ministers for their propagation of lies.

Remember, everything about My Word is spoken from My perspective. Just as Mary sat at My Son's feet to learn of me, at whose feet are you sitting? You are accountable for what you allow to be sown into your spirit. Do not assume that a minister who is popular is fully approved unto me.

Just as I had prophets hidden in a cave who had not bowed their knee unto Baal, I have voices in the land who are hidden in the caves of both media and popular obscurity. These voices have been in spiritual preparation for many years and I am leading them out one by one to open their mouths, for I have filled them with My truth and with the fire of My holiness. When they speak, the sword of My Spirit and the purging fire of truth will flow. They fear no one but me; they wear My mantle, not the mantle of man's approval.

Sit at the feet of truth, learn of me and become a true vessel of honor, fit for the Master's use.

(Psalm 1:1-3; Jeremiah 17:5-8)


(As spoken by the Holy Spirit)

(Luke 17:6 & Mark 11:22-23)

Unless you clearly understand what the mountains and sycamine trees are, you could easily be speaking against what your Father desires. Spiritual immaturity can lead you to misidentifying a mountain.

Your confession is based on what you know and have received. You cannot confess what you do not know; and you will not confess what you don't truly believe.

When you know the will of your Father, and have accepted it as the path for your life, your confession will align with His will.

When you know the love of your Father, your confession will reflect that love.

Your Father has ordained that your words carry power and authority. Repeatedly in His word He has instructed you to speak and call out those things which are of Him. Your authority in the earthly realm is released through your words. Satan will not respond to your actions, but he will respond to your words. If your words are a reflection of your Father, you can hold Satan at bay; but if your words do not reflect your Father, you have opened a door to attack.

When you exercise your authority in conjunction with your Father's will and His words in scripture, He is then able to move more freely in you and on your behalf.

You have the ability to bless or curse your life, your home, your job, your finances, your health and your future. Everything about your life is waiting for you to speak. When you know and understand this divine, spiritual truth, you will stop speaking like a fool and start commanding, declaring, decreeing and speaking like royalty who is in charge. Are you not a king and priest unto God?

The words of your mouth are birthed by the meditations in your heart, and both are supposed to be pleasing in the sight of your Father. (Psalm 19:14) Think about how you talk: Do you honestly want me to release my full anointing on your words? Are you ready to be held accountable for what happens every time you open your mouth and let words fly out?

The fool has said in his heart ‘There is no God;' (Psalm 14:1), but does your confession reflect a belief in an Almighty God who judges the hearts and words of men? For does not scripture say that you will be judged and give an account for every idle word which you speak? Idle words are those which do not line up with your Father's heart and cannot produce the life of the Father in your life or circumstances.

Your salvation came about because you spoke what you believed about Jesus and your need to be born again. The manifestation of your inheritance is likewise based on what you believe and what you speak. It is not your Father's fault if you are not partaking of more of your inheritance. Do your words reflect those of someone who is a joint heir with the King of kings and Lord of lords? Do you speak like someone who is seated on the throne with your King? Do you speak like a king or a slave? Do you speak like a possessor or a debtor? Do you speak like one who is afflicted or one who is delivered? Would God speak over your life what you speak over your life? What type of fruit are your lips bearing?

Just as you surrendered your heart to the Father for salvation, now you must submit your heart for His words and your mouth for His confession. Nothing about His word can fail. Therefore, bury His words deeply in your heart and release His success through your words.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

I sincerely hope that the teaching series listed in this letter will be a help to you as you seek to grow further in your fellowship with the Lord. Don't ever forget, God is your Father and Jesus is the best friend you will ever have!

Yours in His Love!



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