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Dear Friends,

Recently, Kathy and I were ministering in Canada. On the first night the Lord gave a prophecy about what is happening in these, the last days. In this month’s letter I want to share that prophecy with you. I trust it will be a blessing to your life.

Your servant in Christ,


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During these last days many have asked, “What is God going to do; how is He going to move?” I would have you know that in my word I have said to look unto those who have gone before you. I want you to think about what has happened.

When I gave my word to Moses and he brought it down from the mountain and delivered it unto the people, he delivered it in purity. Everything he delivered to them was directly from me, it was not corrupted, it was pure. And a priesthood was raised up; and that priesthood had my word, had my law, had my instructions; and they carried out my instructions and carried out my law.

When Moses died Joshua was anointed to carry on, and he did. But over time, a group that I never anointed – a group that I never appointed, a group that I never called forth – began to rise up; you know them as Pharisees. Search my word, for you will see that I instituted the priesthood; but nowhere can you find that I instituted those who were called Pharisees. They raised themselves up to a position of greater authority, even over the priests in many cases.

They began to work with those - the priests - and then another group rose up called the scribes. Over time, the priests, the Pharisees and the scribes began corrupting my word; began corrupting what I had originally given to Moses and what was originally carried out by the first priests. They began to corrupt it and they began to change it and began to alter it; and they created a teaching that I never gave to my children. And yet they said it was ordained of me. They said it was truth.

Then my Son was born into this world. As my Son began to move and to operate in His calling, He confronted the priests and the scribes and the Pharisees over their error. He exposed their error to the masses. He confronted them with my word; but He confronted them with truth; not with their version of my word, and they hated Him for it.

He died, He ascended, and the Holy Spirit was given. The Holy Spirit began ministering to the Apostles, and to those who weren’t called Apostles but they operated in different areas of ministry. They began to speak and to teach and deliver the truth that I wanted my church to have. They began to explain in greater detail the difference between living under the law and living under grace. The purity of my word was not corrupted; the purity of my truth was not corrupted.

You have in your hands what they taught; for it is recorded in scripture. And yet, over time, groups of people arose and began calling themselves Apostles and Prophets and Evangelists and Pastors and Teachers. Just like the scribes and the Pharisees and the priests before them, they began to corrupt my word; they began to corrupt the purity of what I had given. They began to teach things that did not line up with what I had given through my Apostles; it did not line up with those things that are recorded in scripture that you hold in your hand.

As they began to teach these things, they established themselves in positions of authority even over the genuine Apostles, the true Pastors and Teachers and others that I have called. They began to declare that what they spoke was truth.

And now, here today, this is the condition of my church. There are those who call themselves appointed of me, anointed by me and used of me to deliver truth; and yet, as I sit on my throne, what I hear are the doctrines and teachings of the scribes and the Pharisees and the priests. I do not hear truth.

Just as in the past when I raised up prophets to confront the error of the priests and the Pharisees and the scribes; just as my Son confronted the error of the priests and the scribes and the Pharisees; just as the Holy Spirit carried on the ministry of my Son and continued revealing truth to those I had genuinely called; in these last days, you are seeing a repeat of this moving. In these last days I am raising up voices that are truly called of me and truly anointed of me, and they are going to confront those who have called themselves to the ministry – those who are operating in a way that I did not anoint and I did not appoint – and they are going to confront the teachers of error with the truth that has been recorded in my word.

In the realm of the natural, I would say that this is going to produce a literal conflict. In natural terms, you would say there is going to be great bloodshed; but not literal bloodshed: I use this term to emphasize the incredible struggle in the realm of the spirit that is taking place even now.

In the Old Testament there were those who would listen to the prophets who confronted the error, and those who would not. In the New Testament there were those who listened to my Son, and those who turned back to the Pharisees, the scribes and the priests. There were those who would listen to Peter and John and Paul and others; but then there were those who refused. In these days the same thing is repeating itself.

There are those in my church who are truly born again, but they are going to reject what the voices of truth are delivering throughout this world. As they reject this truth they are going to cling to the modern day Pharisees and scribes and priests and the doctrines of error that are permeating my church. I am going to anoint the voices that I am raising up, and their voices are going to become very loud. In many circles they are going to be soundly denounced as prophets of error, preachers of false doctrine. But I want you to know that as my words of truth are delivered through my vessels of truth, those who hear will stand accountable before me on the day of judgment.

I say this to you – I say this to my church – those who have ears to hear need to listen closely to what the voices of truth are saying. I challenge you, my church, this night to stop listening to anyone who says they’re called of me and to start listening to my Spirit; to start listening as my Holy Spirit will unfold the truth from my word unto you. As this happens, I am instructing you: Stay away from those who refuse to acknowledge the truth. Oh, I want you to be a witness unto them; but stay away from them when it comes to openly receiving what they have to say. You need to understand that just because a minister can stir the emotions of a congregation does not mean there is an anointing upon what he is saying.

I said in my word that I would be seeking for a church with no spot, no blemish. Do you understand that I am looking first in the spirit before I look in the natural? Therefore, the spots and blemishes that I first want removed are those in the spirit. And the spots and the blemishes that can exist in your spirit are those things that you have accepted as being truth, when in reality they are not truth.

And so I say unto you – listen closely to me – you have no idea how near you are to the end. I am searching for those who will allow me to use them, whether they are Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers, Helps, Governments – it matters not to me – I am looking for those who will allow me to work in them a perfecting work of truth so that I can speak through them with an anointing in the same way that I spoke through those who were my chosen vessels in the New Testament.

Let me work this work in you, but hear what I say to you: If you choose to do this, you need to know that you are headed in the direction of some extremely difficult choices. Because if you do this – if you allow me to work this work in you – you are going to come to the place of inner confrontation; a confrontation with your emotions, the emotions that are saying, “But I don’t want to lose this friendship or this relationship,” or, “I don’t want to have to leave this church,” or, “I don’t want to have to stop watching my favorite preacher,” or, “I don’t want to have to stop doing this or stop doing that.”

But I say unto you, remember what happened to my Son. At one point in scripture I have said that He stepped out of Jewry; do you remember this? The same thing happened throughout the New Testament as I would use those who rejected truth (to) separate them from those who wanted truth, so that those who wanted truth could walk in the purity of the fullness of my word. And so I say unto you tonight, be ready for this challenge for it will be difficult.

However, I will release into you an anointing to strengthen you to make the right decisions. You need to understand that when you make these right decisions and you allow me to work a separating work - a divine, ordered, and ordained work of separation to pull you away from the wrong influences - and to guide and direct you into truth and to point you in the direction of those who are my voices who are anointed to speak my truth; as I do this, you are going to walk in a level of joy and peace that you have never known. For you see, in my presence is fullness of joy, and you are walking in my presence when you are walking in my truth.

So know this: The separation has already begun; it is taking place now throughout the world. It is taking place in the lives of those who truly hunger and thirst after righteousness. And if you desire to be one of them, you can; but the choice is yours. And I urge you this night as your Father, allow me to work this perfecting work in your life. Call unto me and ask me to lead you in the paths of truth and to lead you unto those who I want speaking into your life, and I will do it.

I am your Father and you need to understand I will do nothing to hurt you. Think of the natural example of a father and his little baby. That little baby does not know how to cleanse itself – does not know how to bathe itself – and that father will be so gentle, and so loving, and so kind as he will bathe that baby with a pure heart of love. Even before he takes that little baby and puts it in the water, he tests the water to be sure that the water is the right temperature. Know this: As your Father, I will lead you to the teachings that you need; I will lead you to the teaching that is the right temperature for you.

So receive this from me this night. Allow me to work this mighty work in your lives and I will be able to use you in the last-days revival to bring about an incredible harvest of souls into my kingdom.


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