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Dear Friends,

I remember praying for someone not long ago who was battling a physical affliction. I was excited about that person experiencing a glorious healing…except the healing didn’t manifest. Instead, this person ended up in the hospital to address the problem. That was very disappointing, not just for that individual, but also for me. After all, I have prayed for people and seen them healed of cancer, meningitis, and other types of sickness or injury.

Not long ago I was thinking about how that sometimes I’ve seen the results of my prayers, and other times nothing seems to happen. Quite honestly, it’s this same kind of inconsistency which frustrates a great many Christians. Some even begin to question God’s love or justify the lack of results to God’s will being for some people to be sick or disabled to teach them a lesson.

As I was meditating on these things, the thought crossed my mind, “I’m tired of not getting (all of my) prayers answered.” In no way was I blaming God; I was simply expressing my feelings. Well, as soon as that thought passed, God immediately reminded me of James 5:13-15:

Is any among you afflicted? let him pray. Is any merry? let him sing psalms. Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord:  And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.

After I read that passage, the Lord began to speak to me as though He were speaking to every Christian who has struggled with what appears to be unanswered prayer or a lack of action on God’s part. Here is what He said:

If you’re tired of not getting prayers answered – AND you’re praying according to scripture – then the variable isn’t Me, it’s you. Too many Christians pray in hope, but not in faith. You must pray IN faith; your prayers must be “of” faith. Thus, you must develop enough faith for Me to work with to bring about answers. The prayer of “hope” or a prayer of hesitancy availeth nothing.

If you are not doing what is necessary to develop your faith, why do you think you have any? Agreeing with My word that it is true does not mean you have faith. If you do not use My word as a tool to spiritually ingest faith, it is not there. If you do not pray in tongues and allow the Holy Spirit to supernaturally work with you in developing your faith, why would you think it is truly developed? [Romans 10:17; Jude 1:20]

Ending your prayers by saying, “In Jesus’ Name, amen,” does not guarantee results. Yes, you have been taught otherwise; but I say unto you, why would you think that simply speaking the Name of My Son without the faith to back it up will get all your prayers answered? The very fact that you have prayed in His Name so many times and not gotten results should tell you that more is going on than what a lot of preachers have taught.

You don’t seem to understand that I want people saved, healed and delivered far more than you. I want your prayers answered far more than you. But the fact that so many prayers do not produce the results of My will should tell you that something is amiss. Since I am God and I am absolute perfection, there is nothing amiss with Me. Again, you are the variable. Remember, there is no variableness or shadow of turning with Me and My word never changes. [James 1:17; Psalm 119:89; Matthew 24:35]

One of the biggest problems I see in My children is that they do not understand their authority on earth. Yes, My word does say that Satan is the god of this world. But if he truly possessed the power many of you believe that phrase implies, then how did My Son accomplish what He did on the earth? Satan does not rule; he merely influences and deceives people into doing his bidding and submitting to his control.[2 Corinthians 4:3-4]

On the other hand, My Son rules. His is the Name above all names. He is the King of kings and the Lord of lords. All things are under His feet, whether on earth or in the heavens – including Satan – and He demonstrated this ruling authority while on the earth. But His position as Eternal King is now carried out through you. [Philippians 2:9-10; Matthew 28:18; Luke 10:18-19]

If Satan had as much control in the world as some Christians seem to think, how could any part of My Kingdom purpose be accomplished? How could My will be done on earth as it is in Heaven? Your authority on earth has been given to you from Me, not from Satan and not from a religious institution. If you understood more about your authority you would understand how critical it is to develop your faith. [Matthew 16:18-19]

Your prayers should consist more of divine declarations and decrees coming from lips of royalty and hearts of faith rather than being pleas for help like someone at the mercy of an unjust judge. When is the last time you prayed as though YOU were in charge with all of Heaven’s glory standing behind you in support?

I see so many of My children praying out of confusion, indecision and uncertainty. You should be praying like you know what is going to happen. If you follow the pattern of how I have spoken in My word and how My Son prayed, you will find that your prayers will not be lengthy and drawn out. When you pray in faith according to both My word and My promises, you will not feel the need to pray “asking-prayers” for an extended time on a matter. Consider how My Son prayed for people while He was on the cross: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” It was short and simple, but He believed I would answer. Most of My children pray not so much out of unbelief about who I am but out of a lack of faith and knowledge concerning My word and My promises.

Faith is not an emotion of the soul; faith is a part of your spiritual constitution. Think of faith as the life blood of your spirit. Think of faith as a living part of who you are. Think of faith as spiritual health. Think of faith as the spiritual path into the presence and power of the Divine Authority of the universe. The more your faith is developed, the more I can – AND WILL – move through you. My manifested will for your life – which includes answered prayers – can only be hindered by your own lack of faith to receive what I want for you in the “now” of every moment.

Think about it: your salvation, your authority, glory, power and anointing all come from Me. Even the word – the Holy Scriptures – which causes faith to come and the prayer language of tongues which builds you up on your most holy faith both come from Me. This is why you can rest assured that I WILL move through your faith. Did I not say in My word that without faith it is impossible to please Me?[Hebrews 11:6]

And now I want you to think intently on this: I am currently moving through all the faith you have. I am moving through and answering all of your prayers according to My word, My will and your faith. I am not holding back on anything. Why would I not want healed every person for whom you pray? Why would I not want people delivered the moment you pray?

Hear Me now: you have more authority on earth than Satan has now or ever has had. You have been entrusted with Heavenly authority in an earthly realm. You are My child – do you hear Me, you are a God-child – birthed of My spiritual loins. Divinity is not a part of your nature, but you have been birthed of the Divine. So many of My children struggle to believe this, often calling such a thing heresy. But the struggle comes from not truly understanding salvation and what the born again experience has done for you.

I have decreed your position in Me and your seat of authority; it can never be taken away from you, but you can relinquish it or not live by it. However, what you do will never change what I have declared over you.

The more you develop your faith, the more I can work through you and the more prayers you will see answered. The more you develop your faith, the more you will understand your authority. The more you develop your faith and understand your authority, the more you will act and speak like the king and priest I’ve made you; the more you will resemble a child of the Ruler and Creator of all that is.

I hope this word has been encouraging to you. Our potential in Christ is limited only by the parameters established by God as revealed in His word. Reaching our potential is limited only by how much we press into God to mature spiritually and develop our faith. We will never be another Jesus, and we will never attain unto Deity; but God has authorized that we can represent Christ to the world, just as Jesus represented the Father to the world!

May your life be filled with His peace!


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