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(1) S105 Meditation Produces Transformation
This series explains what meditating God's word really means. You will also learn true fundamentals of meditating and understanding the Bible.

1  How To Meditate & Study The Bible MP3
2  God's Word - Our Foundation MP3
3  Bearing The Fruit Of The Seed MP3
4  Transformed By The Word MP3
5  The Rest Of The Word MP3
6  Developing A Hunger For Meditation MP3

(2) S108 The Glory From Within
Discover what it really means to have Christ in you, the hope of glory.

1  Saved to The Uttermost MP3
2  The Glory From Within - Part 1 MP3
3  The Glory From Within - Part 2 MP3
4  The Glory From Within - Part 3 MP3

(3) S109 But I Don't Have Time To Pray
Is it true that you really don't have time to pray? Or, is it possible that this is actually a cunning spiritual attack you have not yet identified?

1  Budgeting Time For God MP3
2  Diligently Seeking God MP3

(4) S110 Mortifying The Flesh
All Christians have the capacity to live with a pure heart, pure thoughts, and pure actions. This powerful series will help you to overcome every weak area in your life.

1  A Sinner Saved By Grace MP3
2  Dead To Sin MP3
3  Walk In The Spirit MP3
4  Mortifying The Flesh MP3
5  Empowered For Mortification MP3
6  Three Levels Of Mortification MP3

(5) S111 Jesus, The Root Of Life
In this series you will learn how Jesus is your source for everything and how to live in the fullness of your born again life.

1  I Am The Vine MP3
2  How To Draw Life MP3
3  The Life Of Praise MP3
4  As You Have Been Taught MP3
5  Beware Of Tradition MP3
6  Complete In Him MP3

(6) S112 Accepting God's Promises
PROMISES Knowing God's promise and accepting them are two different things. Until we accept all of them as true, we can never receive their manifestation.

1  Accepting God's Promises MP3
2  Accepting God's Promises MP3

(7) S115 Commanded To Sacrifice
We often refer to Jesus as “the final sacrifice”. Even so, this series uncovers New Testament teaching about sacrifices required of Christians.

1  The Sacrifice Of Praise MP3
2  The Sacrifice Of Thanksgiving MP3
3  The Sacrifice Of Prayer MP3
4  The Sacrifice Of Faith MP3

(8) S119 God's Personal Possession
These messages closely examine 1 Peter 2:9 and the revelation it contains about a person who is born again.

1  We've Been Chosen MP3
2  A Race Of Royal Priests MP3
3  Created In Holiness MP3
4  Called Out Of Darkness MP3

(9) S123 Growth By Grace & Knowledge
The Apostle Peter's closing words in his second and final epistle to the body of Christ contain incredible depths of wisdom and insight about the spiritual maturity of Believers.

1  Growth By Grace & Knowledge MP3
2  Growth By Grace & Knowledge MP3
3  Growth By Grace & Knowledge MP3
4  Growth By Grace & Knowledge MP3
5  Growth By Grace & Knowledge MP3
6  Growth By Grace & Knowledge MP3

(10) S127 Bearing The Fruit of The Spirit
Countless sermons have been preached about the fruit of the spirit. But what does it mean to bear that fruit and how do we bear that fruit?

1  Bearing The Fruit of The Spirit MP3
2  Bearing The Fruit of The Spirit MP3

(11) S137 Guidelines For Growth
This series opens scripture to discover what it takes to begin conforming to the image of Christ.

1  Guidelines For Growth MP3
2  Guidelines For Growth MP3

(12) S145 I'm Born Again & I'm Saved
So many Christians are taught that the terms "born again" and "saved" are identical in meaning. But is this a Scripturally accurate teaching? This series examines both terms and uncovers the truth of what they mean to a Christian.

1  I'm Born Again & I'm Saved MP3
2  I'm Born Again & I'm Saved MP3

(13) S146 Love Is The Goal
Most Christians seem to desire to have more of God's power and anointing flowing in their lives. But in reality, flowing in God's love is His priority for us. Until we learn this, we cannot walk in the fullness of His power and anointing.

1  Love Is The Goal MP3
2  Love Is The Goal MP3
3  Love Is The Goal MP3
4  Love Is The Goal MP3
5  Love Is The Goal MP3
6  Love Is The Goal MP3

(14) S147 God's Holy Lifestyle
Jesus was tempted in all ways like we are, yet He didn't commit sin. We, too, have the capacity to overcome every temptation to commit sin. This series turns to God's word to find out how to keep the flesh under control.

1  The Works Of The Flesh MP3
2  Overcoming The Flesh - 1 MP3
3  Overcoming The Flesh - 2 MP3
4  The Word Judges The Works MP3

(15) S148 Philippian Maturity
During a special time of prayer, the Lord began using verses and passages in the Paul's letter to the Philippians to explain why so many Christians are not growing up spiritually and what it will take for the body of Christ to truly mature.

1  Interaction Produces Inner Action MP3
2  The Mature Mindset MP3
3  As He Is, So Am I MP3
4  Emptied Of All Self Reliant Power MP3
5  Humbled Unto Death MP3
6  Maturity & Authority MP3
7  Maturity & Honor MP3
8  Forgetting Things Behind MP3
9  Maturity & Emotions MP3
10  Maturity & Giving MP3

(16) S150 Greatest In The Kingdom
KINGDOM In Matthew 18:1, the disciples asked Jesus who was the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven. In the remainder of that chapter He explain greatness from God's perspective, and gives uncompromising warnings about "non-greatness" that may astonish some Christians.

1  Greatest In The Kingdom MP3
2  Greatest In The Kingdom MP3
3  Greatest In The Kingdom MP3
4  Greatest In The Kingdom MP3
5  Greatest In The Kingdom MP3

(17) S166 Conforming To His Image
Far too many Christians are trying to get "God results" in their lives by applying man's methods. But if you do it God's way, you are guaranteed to experience His blessings, promises, and power in your life!

1  The Image For The Vision MP3
2  You Have To Go To Jordan MP3
3  Quicken The Dead MP3
4  Don't Sow Cornflakes MP3
5  Edified To Prophesy MP3
6  Fasting The Flesh & Glory MP3
7  No Substitute For Worship MP3
8  The Challenge To Change MP3



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