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(1) S113 What Is Genuine Revival?
A detailed look at the true characteristics of genuine, spiritually birthed revival.

1  Is Revival A Sovereign Act Of God? MP3
2  Intimacy In The Holy Of Holies MP3
3  Repentance Toward Revival MP3
4  Is Revival Your Priority? MP3
5  Two Focal Points Of Satan's Attack MP3
6  The Three-Fold Cord MP3
7  Divide & Conquer MP3
8  Interrupting Revival's Grace & Anointing MP3
9  The Fellowship Of His Son MP3
10  Non-Confrontational Division MP3
11  Jesus Has Set The Pattern MP3
12  Debts & Offenses MP3
13  We Have The Power To Cancel Sin MP3
14  The Provision For Peace & Unity MP3
15  Contacting Divine Power MP3
16  Are These Things Really Of God? MP3
17  Revival Is On The Way MP3
18  Are You Ready For Revival? MP3

(2) S140 Unleashing The Power Of Worship
The Bible reveals God's own definition of praise and worship, the relationship between worship in Heaven and worship on earth, as well as specific reasons why Satan has worked hard to spread confusion in churches about praise and worship.

1  Show Forth His Praise MP3
2  Praise Is God's Will MP3
3  Praise Destroys Division MP3
4  Worship & God's Glory MP3
5  The Weapon Of Worship MP3
6  Praise For Provision MP3
7  Order In Worship MP3
8  Ministering To The Lord MP3

(3) S141 How To Have A Book Of Acts Church
The Bible reveals God's own definition of praise and worship, the relationship between worship in Heaven and worship on earth, as well as specific reasons why Satan has worked hard to spread confusion in churches about praise and worship.

1  Start At The Beginning MP3
2  Continuing Steadfastly MP3
3  Preaching The Kingdom MP3
4  Structured By God MP3
5  Power vs Programs MP3
6  His Hand Extended MP3

(4) S142 Called, Declared, & Set In Order
ORDER (An important companion series to #141.) A major reason churches encounter strife, church splits and other problems is often due to ignoring God's plan for church structure and government. This series will undoubtedly strike at the heart of many commonly held beliefs related to the operation of a church, but God's word must be our standard.

1  Called, Declared, & Set In Order MP3
2  Called, Declared, & Set In Order MP3
3  Called, Declared, & Set In Order MP3
4  Called, Declared, & Set In Order MP3

(5) S151 Winning A Gideon Victory
Judges chapters six and seven contains one of the most incredible "hidden mysteries" describing the steps Christians should take when it comes to living a victorious life, including the real reason Gideon used a fleece.

1  Winning A Gideon Victory MP3
2  Winning A Gideon Victory MP3

(6) S155 Are You In Rebellion?
God considers rebellion to be more devastating that nearly any other sin. Some Christians may be stunned to learn that they have unknowingly gotten into rebellion! Learn to quickly identify rebellion in a church, how to administer scriptural discipline, and what to do if a pastor gets into rebellion.

1  The Anointed Covering MP3
2  God's Orderly Fashion MP3
3  Touching God's Anointed MP3
4  Submission In The Early Church MP3
5  Anointed & Called Yet Submitted MP3
6  Moses & Israel A Type Of Church MP3
7  Identifying Rebellion MP3
8  Exposing Rebellion MP3
9  Confronting Rebellion MP3
10  Pastors & Rebellion MP3

(7) S158 Tearing Down Your Jericho
JERICHO Like Joshua and the Israelites facing Jericho, many Christians feel "up against a wall" in going forward with God or receiving His blessings. Revealed in these sermons are "hidden mysteries" contained in the story of the battle of Jericho that show you how to tear down all of the "Jericho's" in your life!

1  Speak To Your Flood MP3
2  Your Enemy Knows MP3
3  They All Must Die MP3
4  Stop Looking For Mann MP3
5  The Joshua Promotion MP3
6  Doing It God's Way MP3

(8) S159 Breaking Through With Worship
These messages will help you understand how the devil has been able to keep many people from worshipping, why he is afraid of our worship, why worship is so necessary, and how worship will help you break through to a new level of your walk with God.

1  Faith For Growth MP3
2  Beware Of Subtle Attacks MP3
3  Breaking Through With Worship MP3
4  Your Spirit Wants To Worship MP3
5  Flesh Or Spirit - Part 1 MP3
6  Flesh Or Spirit - Part 2 MP3
7  Tell The Devil To Hush MP3
8  Overcoming Fear, Depression, Confusion MP3

(9) S167 When Jesus Is Lord
What does the God say about husbands who won't work and wives who are domineering? Are there reasons besides adultery that can justify divorce? Can divorced Christians remarry without being guilty of adultery? Can a woman be a preacher and a pastor? This series address many sensitive issues in the body of Christ pertaining to the marriage relationship and turns to the Bible for the truth.

1  When Submission Is Rebellion MP3
2  Nourishing Your Flesh MP3
3  The Spotless Bride MP3
4  Christians & Divorce MP3
5  Divorce & Remarriage MP3
6  The Sanctified Spouse MP3
7  Ruling Your House MP3
8  Can Women Be Preachers? MP3

(10) S174 Restoring The Fallen
This series examines the issue of Christians who have been living in sin wanting to be restored in their fellowship with God. You will learn what other Christians are to do to help the one who has fallen. Also addressed is the question of preachers returning to the pulpit after acknowledging a sinful lifestyle.

1  His Standard Is Holiness MP3
2  Why Do They Sin? MP3
3  The Seat Of Judgment - Part 1 MP3
4  The Seat Of Judgment - Part 2 MP3
5  Restoring The Fallen MP3
6  Preparing For Restoration MP3
7  Initiating Restoration MP3
8  The Reality Of Restoration MP3
9  Tend To Your Lamp MP3
10  Transformation For Restoration MP3
11  Prayer & Restoration MP3
12  Worship & Restoration MP3
13  Fasting & Restoration MP3
14  The Syrian King MP3
15  Can They Minister Again? MP3
16  Victory Over 'Those Feelings' MP3



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