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2001-01-28     Sealed Into an Inheritance MP3
2001-02-04     Attacking the Attacker MP3
2001-02-04     Profitable Doctrine MP3
2001-02-11     Manifesting God's Works MP3
2001-02-11     I Got a Word From the Lord MP3
2001-02-18     Dwelling in the Secret Place MP3
2001-02-18     Fear is Satan's Weapon MP3
2001-02-25     Love Overcomes Strife MP3
2001-02-28     The Satisfied Christian MP3
2001-03-11     What is "Slain in the Spirit?" MP3
2001-03-11     Benefits of Edification MP3
2001-03-14     Applying What You Know MP3
2001-03-28     The Holy Spirit is Our Levite MP3
2001-03-28     The Holy Spirit Glorifies Jesus MP3
2001-04-04     Setting Your Affections MP3
2001-04-18     Believe What You Believe MP3
2001-04-25     Strengthening the Weaknesses MP3
2001-05-02     Understanding God's Timing MP3
2001-05-06     Hearing, Receiving, Bringing Forth MP3
2001-05-09     God's Vision of Me MP3
2001-06-03     God's Heritage MP3
2001-06-10     Preparing for the Battle MP3
2001-06-10     Speak the Word Only MP3
2001-06-24    Where's My Ministry? (Pt 1) MP3
2001-06-24     Where's My Ministry? (Pt 2) MP3
2001-06-27     Confession and Your Ministry MP3

2001-07-22     Our Blood Covenant MP3
2001-08-08     The Invisible Enemy MP3
2001-08-21     Changing Your Financial Future MP3
2001-08-22     Pressing Toward Perfection MP3
2001-08-26     Fulfilling the Vision MP3
2001-08-26     Dominate the Devil MP3
2001-10-29     Self-Evident Truths MP3
2001-09-01     Faith and Works MP3
2001-09-09     Sent to Minister MP3
2001-09-09     Pumping Spiritual Iron MP3
2001-09-16     Edification Over Emotions MP3
2001-09-16     Be Not Discouraged MP3
2001-09-23     The Works of the Flesh MP3
2001-09-23     Faith's Big Mistake MP3
2001-09-30     Overcoming the Flesh (Pt 1) MP3
2001-09-30     Overcoming the Flesh (Pt 2) MP3
2001-10-03     The Word Judges the Works MP3
2001-10-17     The Peace of God MP3
2001-10-21     Our Nature and Dominion MP3
2001-10-21     The Chastisement of Our Peace MP3
2001-10-24     It Doesn't Make Sense MP3
2001-11-18     Salute No Man MP3
2001-11-18     Prophesy to the Prophecy MP3
2001-11-21     Jesus Had to be Anointed MP3
2001-11-25     Terrorize the Terrorist MP3
2001-11-28     The Weapon of Peace MP3
2001-12-23     The Christ of Christmas MP3
2001-12-23     Gifts From Home MP3
2001-12-26     Judging Wisdom MP3



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