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2006-01-01     Knowing God in the Spirit MP3
2006-01-04     Religion is Self-Centered MP3
2006-01-08     Our Assurance of Salvation MP3
2006-01-08     Come to the Upper Room MP3
2006-01-15     It's Time to Empty the Bottle MP3
2006-01-15     God's Path is Success MP3
2006-01-21     Why the Holy Spirit is Here MP3
2006-01-22     Publicans, Harlots & the Kingdom MP3
2006-01-22     The Kingdom is Ours MP3
2006-01-29     Changing for Eternity MP3
2006-02-05     Christians and Suicide MP3
2006-02-05     The Mighty Mouth MP3
2006-02-12     The World Needs Our Intercession MP3
2006-02-12     Gideon's Remnant MP3
2006-02-15     Be One With God MP3
2006-02-19     The Yoke of the Lord MP3
2006-02-29     We Must Not Compromise MP3
2006-03-01     But God Your Promised MP3
2006-03-12     Spiritually Normal MP3
2006-03-15     Believe What He Said MP3
2006-03-19     Continuing the Lord's Work MP3
2006-03-22     Provision for Obedience MP3
2006-03-29     Is Spiritual Change Sovereign? MP3
2006-04-05     Revival for the Remnant MP3
2006-04-12     Consider It Done MP3
2006-04-15     The Two Plans for Your Life MP3
2006-04-16     Life Now and Forever MP3
2006-04-19     God to the Wilderness & Die MP3
2006-04-23     Why Preachers Fail MP3
2006-04-23     His Life, His Glory MP3
2006-04-26     Purging the Religion MP3
2006-04-30     Who Are We in Heaven? MP3
2006-04-30     God the Builder MP3
2006-05-03     God the Builder MP3
2006-05-07     Threshing for Revival MP3
2006-05-07     Go To Tarsus MP3
2006-05-10     The Perfect Prayer of Agreement MP3
2006-05-14     Kingdom Living Requires Kingdom Knowledge MP3
2006-05-17     Is Jesus' Doctrine Your Doctrine? MP3
2006-05-21     Die Like Wheat MP3
2006-05-21     April 1st Christianity MP3
2006-05-24     Crucified By Choice MP3
2006-05-28     Our Peace is in Christ MP3
2006-05-31     Judge the Source MP3
2006-06-11     Getting Ready for Revival MP3
2006-06-14     The Answer is Still the Same MP3
2006-06-21     Appealing to the Blood MP3
2006-06-25     Praying Out Your Highway MP3

2006-07-02     How Do We Make Disciples? MP3
2006-07-05     Hearing, Meditating & Working MP3
2006-07-09     Making Them Disciples MP3
2006-07-09     Struggle No More MP3
2006-07-23     Worshiping of Angels MP3
2006-07-23     Joining to Seek Him MP3
2006-07-26     Is God Judging You? MP3
2006-07-30     Baptism's Declaration MP3
2006-07-30     The Life in Baptisms MP3
2006-08-09     Confidence in God MP3
2006-08-13     5 Minute Grace Sermonette MP3
2006-08-16     Cloud by Day, Fire by Night MP3
2006-08-20     Leaven's Destruction - Pt 1 MP3
2006-08-20     Leaven's Destruction - Pt 2 MP3
2006-08-23     Life on the Rock MP3
2006-08-27     We Pray, God Moves MP3
2006-08-27     The Key to Your Calling MP3
2006-08-30     Hi Presence Confirms His Promises MP3
2006-09-03     Judgment Is On The Horizon MP3
2006-10-06     God Knows Your Needs MP3
2006-09-10     Peace Will Be Your Strength MP3
2006-09-10     God's Love Is Permanent MP3
2006-09-13     What Is The Pattern? MP3
2006-09-24     The Heart of Caleb MP3
2006-09-24     Our Well's In Canaan MP3
2006-09-27     What Do You Want To Be? MP3
2006-10-01     Targeted By the Enemy MP3
2006-10-01     Looking Towards Eternity MP3
2006-10-04     Connect The Dots MP3
2006-10-08     Who is Raising Your Child? MP3
2006-10-08     Peace Is His Will MP3
2006-10-11     Who Can Be Baptized? MP3
2006-10-13     The Cost To Be Sent MP3
2006-10-15     Rejecting the Revelation of Jesus MP3
2006-10-15     Prophesying Your Life MP3
2006-10-18     Here's Why I Can't MP3
2006-10-22     The Word, The Seed, The Manifestation MP3
2006-10-22     God's Will and His Provision MP3
2006-10-25     God, Make Me Quit MP3
2006-10-29     Are The Publicans Welcome? MP3
2006-10-39     Where is God's Judgment? MP3
2006-11-01     Will I Go To Heaven? MP3
2006-11-05     Strengthened In Christ MP3
2006-11-05     His Standard Is Holiness MP3
2006-11-08     Isaac Yourself MP3
2006-11-12     What Made Jesus Great? MP3
2006-11-15     The Garden Before The Cross MP3
2006-11-19     Satan Twists God's Words MP3
2006-11-26     We Choose, God Moves MP3
2006-12-03     Baptized Into Christ MP3
2006-12-06     Keys of Revelation MP3
2006-12-13     Division Or Peace? MP3
2006-12-17     Baptized As One In Christ MP3
2006-12-24     Into You Is Born MP3



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