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2010-01-03     The Church's Trojan Horse MP3
2010-01-03     Mt. Moriah Commitment MP3
2010-01-06     Who was Melchisedek? MP3
2010-01-10     Darkened Counsel MP3
2010-01-10     The Coming Marvelous Work MP3
2010-01-12     From Trial to Triumph MP3
2010-01-17     The War is Real MP3
2010-01-17     Our City of Refuge MP3
2010-01-20     Under God's Mighty Hand MP3
2010-01-24     Are Sacrifices & Feasts in Our Future? MP3
2010-01-24     What Did John Know? MP3
2010-01-27     Are These Things of God? MP3
2010-01-31     Grace for Healing MP3
2010-01-31     The Beauty of Holiness MP3
2010-02-18     Are You Worshipping a Golden Calf? MP3
2010-02-21     Yesterday's Seed = Tomorrow's Fruit MP3
2010-02-21     What Are We Doing? MP3
2010-02-24     Prophesy to Your World MP3
2010-03-03     Godly Decision Making MP3
2010-03-07     The Sustaining Power of Joy MP3
2010-03-07     Kingdom-Minded Giving MP3
2010-03-10     Accommodate Without Compromise MP3
2010-03-17     Discovering Your Personal Mysteries MP3
2010-03-14     Discovering Your Personal Mysteries MP3
2010-03-17     It's In There MP3
2010-03-18     Dwelling in the Land MP3
2010-03-19     What is Written? MP3
2010-03-19     The Primary Purpose of Tongues MP3
2010-03-21     Endeavoring to Keep Unity MP3
2010-03-21     At Least Try MP3
2010-03-24     Guard Your House MP3
2010-03-28     Where is Your Trust? MP3
2010-03-28     To What Are We Conforming? MP3
2010-03-31     Salvation is Our Qualification MP3
2010-04-04     What Easter Is All About MP3
2010-04-07     What is God Saying to You? MP3
2010-04-21     Has Satan Tricked You? MP3
2010-04-25     God's Word and Instruction MP3
2010-04-28     Getting Back On Track MP3
2010-06-16     Discovering & Fulfilling God's Plan MP3
2010-06-27     God's Plan Has Never Changed MP3
2010-07-14     Promotion in Ministry MP3
2010-07-21     The Anointing is for You MP3
2010-08-01     Don't Give Place to the Devil MP3
2010-08-04     Wanted: Timothys MP3
2010-08-08     Where Have You Been? (Pt. 1) MP3
2010-08-08     Where Have You Been? (Pt. 2) MP3
2010-08-11     Don't Get Neutralized MP3
2010-08-15     Establish Your Tomorrowt MP3
2010-08-15     How Smart Are You? MP3
2010-08-18     Why Won't They Change? MP3
2010-08-22     Victory Over Emotional Attacks MP3
2010-08-22     Pleasure vs Pleasure MP3
2010-08-29     Why Do I Need Jesus? MP3
2010-08-29     The Character of Love MP3

2010-09-01     Let God Work MP3
2010-09-05     Ten Things God Cannot Do MP3
2010-09-12     Remain Steadfast MP3
2010-09-12     Teachable Beyond Traditions MP3
2010-09-13     Exposing the Error MP3
2010-09-14     Removing the Veil MP3
2010-09-14     The Image of Life and Glory MP3
2010-09-15     Accepting God's Will MP3
2010-09-15     The Works of Jesus MP3
2010-09-19     Compassion Does Not Compromise MP3
2010-09-19     What Is Your Life's Purpose? MP3
2010-09-22     The Nation of God's Blessings MP3
2010-09-26     Blessings and Truth MP3
2010-09-26     Receiving God's Blessings MP3
2010-10-07     Dunamis, Energeo, Kratos MP3
2010-10-10     The Greatest Revelation MP3
2010-10-10     Character and Calling MP3
2010-10-13     Defiling Your Baptism MP3
2010-10-17     Battle Strategies for Total Victory, Pt. 1 MP3
2010-10-07     Battle Strategies for Total Victory, Pt. 2 MP3
2010-10-17     Is Your Heart Hungry? MP3
2010-10-27     What is Discipleship? MP3
2010-10-31     Discipleship is a Choice MP3
2010-11-03     Who is Discipling You? MP3
2010-11-07     Discipleship's Standard MP3
2010-11-07     Disciplined for Discipleship MP3
2010-11-10     The Rooted Disciple MP3
2010-11-14     The Foundation for Discipleship MP3
2010-11-14     Don't Abdicate the Throne MP3
2010-11-17     Why Confession Works MP3
2010-11-21     The Faithful Disciple MP3
2010-11-21     The Holy Spirit and Discipleship MP3
2010-12-01     I Want To Be Ordained MP3
2010-12-05     Stepping Into Discipleship MP3
2010-12-01     What Is True, Godly Patience? MP3
2010-12-08     Avoid False Responsibility MP3
2010-12-12     Your Present With The Past MP3
2010-12-15     Stepping Stones to Success MP3
2010-12-19     Have a Mary Christmas MP3
2010-12-19     How to Keep Your Mind MP3
2010-12-22     Satan's Defeat is Our Victory MP3
2010-12-26     Fruit, Faith and Judgment MP3
2010-12-29     Revival's Solid Foundation (UR1) MP3



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