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2011-01-02     Will You Do The Father's Will? (UR2) MP3
2011-01-02     God's Timing for Promotion (UR3) MP3
2011-01-05     When Jesus Comes to Preach (UR4) MP3
2011-01-09     Unstoppable Force & Movable Object (UR5) MP3
2011-01-09     Your Thoughts Will Govern Your Life (UR6) MP3
2011-01-12     Do Not Neglect This Need (UR7) MP3
2011-01-16     Accountable For Edification Pt. 1 (UR8) MP3
2011-01-16     Accountable For Edification Pt. 2 (UR8) MP3
2011-01-19     The Deadly Cocktail (UR9) MP3
2011-01-21     Living By God's Direction (UR10) MP3
2011-01-22     There Is No Failure In God's Kingdom (UR11) MP3
2011-01-23     Living As A Kingdom Citizen (UR12) MP3
2011-01-24     You Are Never Forsaken (UR13) MP3
2011-01-26     The Reined Disciple (Discipleship 11) MP3
2011-01-30     From Glory To Glory (UR14) MP3
2011-01-30     Kingdom Plans vs Man's Plans (UR15) MP3
2011-02-06     I Feel Like Quitting (UR16) MP3
2011-02-06     Who Owns Your Time? (UR17) MP3
2011-02-09     Correction Brings Blessings (UR18) MP3
2011-02-13     Contend For A Generation MP3
2011-02-13     God's Word Brings Change (UR19) MP3
2011-02-16     Don't Leave Them In The Tomb (UR20) MP3
2011-02-20     The Faith God Seeks - Pt. 1 (UR21) MP3
2011-02-20     The Faith God Seeks - Pt. 2 (UR21) MP3
2011-02-23     Who Are Your Friends? (UR22) MP3
2011-02-27     You Are A New Creation - Pt. 1 (UR23) MP3
2011-02-27     You Are A New Creation - Pt. 2 (UR23) MP3
2011-03-02     Effectively Evangelizing (UR24) MP3
2011-03-06     Understanding the Vision MP3
2011-03-06     Don't Be Satisfied With Less (UR25) MP3
2011-03-09     Has Satan Deceived You? MP3
2011-03-13     Overcoming With Joy MP3
2011-03-13     Grace is the Key (UR26) MP3
2011-03-16     The Image Within (UR27) MP3
2011-03-19     Fellowship With The Holy Spirit MP3
2011-03-20     Worship and God's River of Glory Pt. 1 (UR28) MP3
2011-03-20     Worship and God's River of Glory Pt. 2 (UR28) MP3
2011-03-23     Dig It Out MP3
2011-03-27     Financial Security for the Believer - Pt 1 (UR29) MP3
2011-03-27     Financial Security for the Believer - Pt 2 (UR29) MP3
2011-03-30     The Acts 2 Challenge MP3
2011-04-03     A Communion-Ready Heart Pt 1 (UR30) MP3
2011-04-03     A Communion-Ready Heart Pt 2 (UR30) MP3
2011-04-13     Don't Drop Your Guard MP3
2011-04-17     God's Anointed Vessel (UR31) MP3
2011-04-17     Wheat and Tares MP3
2011-04-20     The Filet of the Word MP3
2011-04-24     The Sacrifice and the Life MP3
2011-04-27     Your Treasure and Your Heart MP3
2011-05-01     The Holy Spirit's Mandate MP3
2011-05-04     Israel, The United States and Judgment MP3
2011-05-08     Hope, Glory and Victory (UR32) MP3
2011-05-11     Witches, Curses and Christians MP3
2011-05-15     Life Lessons From The Holy Spirit (UR33) MP3
2011-05-18     What is Your True Foundation? (UR34) MP3
2011-05-22     Blessed To Be A Blessing MP3
2011-05-25     Comprehending Your Position in Christ (UR35) MP3
2011-06-01     Dwelling to Abide (UR36) MP3
2011-06-05     Manifested Personal Prophecy (UR37) MP3
2011-06-08     Living By Kingdom Truth (UR38) MP3
2011-06-12     Take Your Mountain MP3
2011-06-15     The Isaiah Pattern MP3
2011-06-21     Finding Direction MP3
2011-06-26     Traditions or Truth: Your Choice MP3
2011-06-29     Discipleship Reality Check MP3

2011-07-06     Death, Destruction and God MP3
2011-07-19     Jobs, Ministry, Finances and Faith MP3
2011-07-13     Faith Puts a Hand to the Plow MP3
2011-07-17     Stress, Burn-Out and God's Nature MP3
2011-07-20     Go, Do, Say MP3
2011-07-24     Faith Conduits MP3
2011-07-27     Are You Neglecting the Holy Spirit? MP3
2011-07-31     Discerning God's Good From The Devil's Good MP3
2011-08-03     Forgiveness Beyond Comprehension MP3
2011-08-07     Except Those Days Be Shortened MP3
2011-08-10     Emotions Versus Your New Nature (UR40) MP3
2011-08-14     The What and the When/span> MP3
2011-08-17     Faith Produces Answered Prayer (UR41) MP3
2011-08-21     Will You Counter This Attack? MP3
2011-08-21     Edification for Your Spiritual Walk (UR42) MP3
2011-08-24     Know Your Limitations MP3
2011-08-28     Spiritually Prepared for Revival MP3
2011-08-31     Are You Asking? MP3
2011-09-03     The Source of Revelation Knowledge MP3
2011-09-07     The Absolute Foundation for God's Will MP3
2011-09-11     Rising Above Flesh and Emotions MP3
2011-09-14     Truth Is God's Narrow Path MP3
2011-09-21     The Path of God's Plan MP3
2011-09-25     Lessons From Abraham MP3
2011-09-28     God's Word is Life MP3
2011-10-06     What Happened in Corinth? MP3
2011-10-09     Will You Endure? MP3
2011-10-12     Another Look at Spiritual Warfare MP3
2011-10-15     Supernatural Revelation of God's Will MP3
2011-10-16     You Are Not Rejected MP3
2011-10-19     Walking In God's Supernatural Love MP3
2011-10-23     Increasing Your Spiritual Awareness (UR45) MP3
2011-10-26     Kingdom Keys for a Kingdom Difference MP3
2011-10-30     Getting Needs Met MP3
2011-11-02     Understanding What Truth is Truth (UR46) MP3
2011-11-06     Prophecies (No Sermon) MP3
2011-11-06     When Bad News Hits Home MP3
2011-11-09     Sow, Water, Grow, Reap MP3
2011-11-13     True Faith Gets Results MP3
2011-11-16     The Parable of the Laborers MP3
2011-11-20     We Are Greater Than John MP3
2011-11-27     The Only Thing That Sustains MP3
2011-11-30     Who Do You Trust? MP3
2011-12-04     Why Binding, Loosing & Agreement Fail MP3
2011-12-11     Developing Personal Stability (UR47) MP3
2011-12-14     Painting the Portrait of Your Life (UR 48) MP3
2011-12-18     Writing the Book of Your Life MP3
2011-12-21     Lies That Are Increasing In The Church MP3
2011-12-24     Are You Playing With The Box? MP3
2011-12-28     A Hard-Hat Christian MP3



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