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2012-01-04     Walk the Path of His Presence MP3
2012-01-08     Never Doubt God MP3
2012-01-11     What Path Are You Walking? MP3
2012-01-15     The Healing Reality MP3
2012-01-18     The Missing Ingredient MP3
2012-01-22     Both Sides of the Pulpit MP3
2012-01-25     What You Can Never Do MP3
2012-01-29     God Doesn't Wear Gucci MP3
2012-02-01     The Heart Not Troubled MP3
2012-02-05     The Confessions of God MP3
2012-02-08     The Kingdom Comes First MP3
2012-02-12     Raising God's Heritage MP3
2012-02-12     How To Guarantee Your Blessings MP3
2012-02-15     Are You a Pharisee? MP3
2012-02-20     God Did It; Man Discovered It MP3
2012-02-29     Approved Unto God MP3
2012-03-04     A Living Hope MP3
2012-03-07     Are You Trying Too Hard? MP3
2012-03-11     Is God Judging America? MP3
2012-03-18     Solidifying Your Walk MP3
2012-03-21     The Settled Place MP3
2012-03-25     Lessons From Naaman MP3
2012-03-28     Securing Your Blessings MP3
2012-04-01     Getting God to Move MP3
2012-04-04     Are Your Feet Collecting Dust? MP3
2012-04-08     Why Did Jesus Have To Die? MP3
2012-04-11     Where Are Your Sitting? MP3
2012-04-15     Don't Speak Like A Fool MP3
2012-04-18     Faith Requires Work MP3
2012-04-29     The Greater Love MP3
2012-05-02     Building a House That Endures MP3
2012-05-06     There Is No Rejection With God MP3
2012-05-09     What Are You Believing? MP3
2012-05-13     Understanding Your Enemy (UR49) MP3
2012-05-16     Filling the Spiritual Void MP3
2012-05-27     Are You Lacking These Things? MP3
2012-05-30     How Will You Know? (UR50) MP3
2012-06-03     Stubbornness, Faith & Healing MP3
2012-06-03     The Change God Desires MP3
2012-06-06     Gird Up The Loins Of Your Mind MP3
2012-06-10     The Place of Change (UR51) MP3
2012-06-10     Are God's Goals Yours? MP3
2012-06-24     Solving Every Problem (Pt. 1) MP3
2012-06-24     Solving Every Problem (Pt. 2) MP3
2012-06-27     The Easy Way MP3

2012-07-01     Fighting For Your Inheritance MP3
2012-07-01     From The Wading Pool to the Deep End (UR52) MP3
2012-07-08     Is Jesus Truly Lord of Your Life? MP3
2012-07-08     Labor With Grace MP3
2012-07-11     How Do You Run With Patience? MP3
2012-07-15     What Race Did You Hear? MP3
2012-07-15     Understanding the Fruit of the Spirit (UR53) MP3
2012-07-18     Establishing Divine Detail MP3
2012-07-22     We Want to Help You MP3
2012-07-22     Learning to be Led by the Holy Spirit (UR54) MP3
2012-07-25     Are You As Tolerant As God? MP3
2012-08-01     Tending to Your Garden of Salvation MP3
2012-08-08     Instructions for Daily Victory (UR55) MP3
2012-08-12     Are Your Eyes on Bathsheba? MP3
2012-08-15     Don't Neglect Your Teacher (UR56) MP3
2012-08-19     Seek Truth Over Power (UR57) MP3
2012-08-22     By What Are You Living? (UR58) MP3
2012-08-26     Q - Was Jesus Unclean & 1 Cor 13:8 MP3
2012-08-29     Q - The Ten Virgins MP3
2012-09-05     Q - Numbers, Hands, Solomon, Hell MP3
2012-09-09     Do Not Develop the Heart of a Pharisee (UR59) MP3
2012-09-19     Q - Vanity, Humanity & Judgment MP3
2012-09-23     Removing Lurking Disasters MP3
2012-09-26     Q - Have the 10 Commandments Been Abolished? MP3
2012-10-03     Worship Into Your Inheritance (UR60) MP3
2012-10-11     A Glimpse of Love MP3
2012-10-14     Deception is Increasing MP3
2012-10-17     The Poison of Refined Scripture MP3
2012-10-21     Are You Painting Rocks For God? MP3
2012-10-24     Grace Sufficient for the Battle (UR61) MP3
2012-10-28     God's Truth About a Nation's Leaders MP3
2012-10-28     Love: The Primary Kingdom Key MP3
2012-10-31     Developing the Conscience of Your Spirit MP3
2012-11-04     Demonstrating God's Holy Love MP3
2012-11-07     Don't Ignore God's Personal Help (UR62) MP3
2012-11-11     What Happened and What's Next? MP3
2012-11-11     Hew Every Agag MP3
2012-11-14     Heart Faith vs Head Faith (UR63) MP3
2012-11-18     Making it Through What's Next MP3
2012-11-18     Circle the Wagons MP3
2012-11-25     The Potential of a Person's Nature (UR64) MP3
2012-11-25     The Blessing of Waiting MP3
2012-11-28     Personal Ministry Check MP3
2012-12-02     Eight Words of Encouragement & Instruction MP3
2012-12-02     Make the Better Choice MP3
2012-12-05     Q - Gates, Resurrection, Salt, Fire MP3
2012-12-09     What's Next, Judgment and Repentance MP3
2012-12-12     Keeping Scripture in Context MP3
2012-12-16     What's the Real Problem? MP3
2012-12-19     How Have You Been Taught? MP3
2012-12-23     A Believer's Christmas Conception MP3
2012-12-30     Truth Will Never Change MP3
2012-12-30     Worship's Greatest Benefit MP3



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