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2013-01-02     Preparation for Stability MP3
2013-01-06     Communion Shows the Lord's Death MP3
2013-01-06     Loosed From the Anchor of Your Past e MP3
2013-01-09     It's Already Prepared MP3
2013-01-13     The Cause & Effect of the Kingdom MP3
2013-01-13     Kingdom-Oriented Faith MP3
2013-01-16     A Christian's Bill of Rights MP3
2013-01-20     You Are the Light of the World MP3
2013-01-20     Who's to Blame? MP3
2013-01-23     Eight Critical Errors to Avoid MP3
2013-01-30     Obedience Always Produces Results MP3
2013-02-06     Would You Attend Jesus' Church? MP3
2013-02-10     Mercy Rejoices Against Judgment MP3
2013-02-13     What Satan Cannot Do MP3
2013-02-17     Three Critical Questions MP3
2013-02-20     Facts About Your Ministry MP3
2013-02-22     Making It to the End MP3
2013-02-24     Godís Unchanging Standard MP3
2013-02-24     Continue in the Foundation MP3
2013-02-25     Who God Can Teach MP3
2013-02-26     Error Exposed MP3
2013-02-27     An Example of True Meditation MP3
2013-03-06     Your Father's Heart and Prosperity MP3
2013-03-13     Receiving God's Promises Manifested MP3
2013-03-20     Don't Succumb to a Delilah MP3
2013-03-24     Getting Promoted By God MP3
2013-03-27     Our Rights as Individuals MP3
2013-03-31     This is YOUR Easter MP3
2013-04-07     The Danger of Discontent MP3
2013-04-10     Where is Your Dependency? (UR66) MP3
2013-04-16     No Excuse to Sin MP3
2013-04-24     Look Beyond What You Can See MP3
2013-05-01     Climb Out of the Box MP3
2013-05-05     Is Your Cloud Moving? MP3
2013-05-08     Fulfilling the Plan of God MP3
2013-05-15     A Caveman Christian MP3
2013-05-19     A Spiritual Warfare Primer MP3
2013-05-22     You Are Greater Than Them MP3
2013-05-29     The Five Critical Elements MP3
2013-06-02     When You Are Kissed By a Judas MP3
2013-06-05     A Deeper Level of Faith MP3
2013-06-09     Basic Guidelines for Ministry MP3
2013-06-09     Be Steadfast and Unmovable MP3
2013-06-23     What is Genuine Deliverance? MP3
2013-06-23     Preparing for the Latter Rain MP3
2013-06-26     The Danger of Deep-Rooted Religion MP3
2013-06-30     Does What We Think Matter? MP3
2013-06-30     Lessons From a Bunch of Complainers MP3
2013-07-07     Understanding Our Freedom MP3
2013-07-10     Are You About Your Father's Business? MP3

2013-07-17     Are You Living in Destruction? MP3
2013-07-21     God Loves Muslims MP3
2013-07-21     Unchangeable Expectations MP3
2013-07-24     Would You Obey Jesus? MP3
2013-07-28     What is "The Anointing"? MP3
2013-07-28     Worship: God's Habitation MP3
2013-07-31     Chastening Yields Righteousness MP3
2013-08-04     Does Jericho Fear You? MP3
2013-08-04     Your Reward is Jericho MP3
2013-08-07     Transformation to Your Revelation MP3
2013-09-02     When You Face a Jordan MP3
2013-09-04     God's Food for Thought MP3
2013-09-07     Gifts, Anointing, Love MP3
2013-09-08     From Promise to Manifestation (UR71) MP3
2013-09-08     Meditation Assembles the Puzzle MP3
2013-09-18     Do You Really Trust God? MP3
2013-09-22     Are You Asking for a Red Ryder? MP3
2013-09-22     Bring Forth Your Eve MP3
2013-09-25     Deception is Getting Worse MP3
2013-09-29     The Mark of the Beast - One Possibility (Pt. 1) MP3
2013-09-29     The Mark of the Beast - One Possibility (Pt. 2) MP3
2013-10-02     Lessons From Corinth MP3
2013-10-13     The Mark of the Beast - One Possibility (Pt. 3) MP3
2013-10-13     The Mark of the Beast - One Possibility (Pt. 4) MP3
2013-10-16     Revelations I Received at Conference MP3
2013-10-20     God Needs Your Help MP3
2013-10-20     God's Image and Faith MP3
2013-10-23     How Do You See Yourself? MP3
2013-10-26     Putting the Puzzle Together MP3
2013-10-27     Winning the Inner-Battles MP3
2013-10-27     Would Jesus Eat Halloween Candy? MP3
2013-11-03     What Image Are You Bearing? (UR72) MP3
2013-11-03     Is Homosexuality Really a Sin? MP3
2013-11-10     God's Love Demonstrated MP3
2013-11-10     Words for Meditation MP3
2013-11-13     Wisdom's Candle MP3
2013-11-17     Corinth Has Been Rebuilt (UR73) MP3
2013-11-17     Meditating Scripture: Works or Responsibility? MP3
2013-11-24     The Greatest Battle You'll Ever Face MP3
2013-11-24     The Encouraging Word MP3
2013-12-01     Are You Battle-Ready? MP3
2013-12-01     How Big Has Jericho Become? MP3
2013-12-04     Is Healing Really for Today? MP3
2013-12-08     Kingdom Principles are Unchangeable MP3
2013-12-11     Is There a Shiny Thing in Your Life? MP3
2013-12-15     What Are God's Instructions to You? MP3
2013-12-15     What is a Baby Dedication? MP3
2013-12-22     The Birth of a Birthright MP3
2013-12-22     Are We Willing to Change? MP3
2013-12-29     Do You Want to Change? (Pt. 1) MP3
2013-12-29     Do You Want to Change? (Pt. 2) MP3



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