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2014-01-05     You Must Change Before You Can Change MP3
2014-01-08     What Moves God to Move? MP3
2014-01-12     Your Mind Must Change MP3
2014-01-12     Where is Your Pasture? MP3
2014-01-19     Priorities Must Change MP3
2014-01-19     Change in Responsibility MP3
2014-01-26     The Greater Testimony MP3
2014-01-29     Entering the Final Stages MP3
2014-02-02     What is a "Seek Week"? MP3
2014-02-02     A Communion-Ready Heart MP3
2014-02-05     So, You Want to Be Wealthy? MP3
2014-02-09     Bad Events and God's Will (UR75) MP3
2014-02-12     Love: A Prerequisite to Revival MP3
2014-02-16     Elevate Your Worship (Pt. 1) MP3
2014-02-16     Elevate Your Worship (Pt 2) MP3
2014-02-19     Are We Righteous Now? MP3
2014-03-05     Are You Easily Beset? MP3
2014-03-09     Obedience Unto Baptism MP3
2014-03-09     Baptism's Testimony MP3
2014-03-12     Maturing Toward Revival (UR76) MP3
2014-03-16     Are You a Prisoner of War? MP3
2014-03-16     We Are at War NOW! MP3
2014-03-19     Guidance on Receiving Guidance MP3
2014-03-23     Are You in Your Right Mind? MP3
2014-03-23     Follow Peace in the Offense MP3
2014-03-26     The Power of Your New Nature MP3
2014-03-30     Seven Causes of Sickness MP3
2014-03-30     Are You Bringing Forth Fruit? MP3
2014-04-02     When You Need Christian Counseling MP3
2014-04-06     Whose Plan Will Come to Pass? MP3
2014-04-06     Will You Be God's Ezekiel? MP3
2014-04-09     Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit MP3
2014-04-13     Ten Tips for Raising Children MP3
2014-04-13     The Power of a Single Word MP3
2014-04-16     Is There a Voice of Authority in Your Life? MP3
2014-04-20     You Need Your Own Easter MP3
2014-04-23     The Greatest Offense of All MP3
2014-05-07     Revival Admonitions MP3
2014-05-11     The Target of the Attack MP3
2014-05-14     What Will Transform MP3
2014-05-18     A Sobering Revival Truth MP3
2014-05-18     You Are Truly Forgiven (UR78) MP3
2014-05-25     What Made Jesus Different? MP3
2014-05-28     Repent Before Nathan Arrives MP3

2014-06-01     Is God Responsible? Pt. 1 MP3
2014-06-01     Is God Responsible? Pt. 2 MP3
2014-06-04     Stepping Stones on the Path of Righteousness MP3
2014-06-11     Your Thinking Makes the Difference MP3
2014-06-15     Do You Know Where You Are? MP3
2014-06-18     Faithful, Able Teachers MP3
2014-06-22     Your Potential is Great MP3
2014-06-25     Bring Forth Your Future MP3
2014-07-06     The Danger in Footwashing MP3
2014-07-09     Reasons to Pray in Tongues MP3
2014-07-13     The Word, The Heart, The Strange Woman MP3
2014-07-16     Shutting Down Inner Turmoil MP3
2014-07-20     Words for Meditation (II) MP3 PDF
2014-07-23     Why Faith is the Substance and the Evidence MP3
2014-07-27     Lay It Aside, Run Your Race MP3
2014-07-30     Follow God's Instructions MP3
2014-08-03     What You Feed Will Grow MP3
2014-08-24     What Would You Do? MP3
2014-08-24     How to Beat Goliath MP3
2014-08-27     Going Full-Time in Ministry MP3
2014-09-03     Words for Meditation (III) MP3 PDF
2014-09-07     Has Slumber Silenced Your Praise? MP3
2014-09-10     Beware of Grievous Wolves MP3
2014-09-14     God's Blessings: No Offerings Required MP3
2014-09-17     Your New Life and God's Will MP3
2014-09-21     Facing the Greatest Challenge MP3
2014-09-24     When the Blind Capture the Vision MP3
2014-10-01     The Ministry That Brings Promotion MP3
2014-10-12     Maturity Is Up To Us MP3
2014-10-19     The Subtle Nature of Pride MP3
2014-10-19     The Subtle Nature of Pride MP3
2014-10-22     The Warfare is Real MP3
2014-10-26     Overcoming Toward Revival MP3
2014-11-05     Kingdom Research Scientists MP3
2014-11-09     War, Peace, Christians and Governments MP3
2014-11-12     Keep Your Senses Discerning MP3
2014-11-16     To Judge Or Not To Judge MP3
2014-11-19     Can Feelings Be Trusted? MP3
2014-11-23     Attain to the Resurrection of the Dead MP3
2014-12-03     Words for Meditation (IV) MP3 PDF
2014-12-07     Awake the Slumbering Worship MP3
2014-12-10     Words for Meditation (V) MP3 PDF
2014-12-14     What is the Gospel? MP3
2014-12-14     God Used Peter, He'll Use You MP3
2014-12-21     The True Christmas Celebration MP3
2014-12-21     Are You a King for the King? MP3
2014-12-28     Moving Beyond Now part 1 MP3
2014-12-28     Moving Beyond Now part 2 MP3



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