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2015-01-04     Prepare for What's Coming (Prophecy) MP3
2015-01-04     Are You Staggering? MP3
2015-01-11     Faith for Financial Change MP3
2015-01-11     Will You Rise at Twilight? MP3
2015-01-14     Eight Critical Elements of Faith MP3
2015-01-18     Paul, Job & Believers MP3
2015-01-21     If You Want Fruit, Give MP3
2015-01-25     Words for Meditation (6) MP3 PDF
2015-01-28     Depression or Deliverance: It's Your Choice MP3
2015-02-01     One Key to Church Growth MP3
2015-02-04     Could Jesus Pastor in Your . . . MP3
2015-02-08     Words for Meditation (7) MP3 PDF
2015-02-11     Don't Be A Charlie Brown Christian MP3
2015-02-15     The Positive Negative Confession MP3
2015-03-08     Humility Unto Useability MP3
2015-03-11     Do You Love Mercy (Pt 2) MP3
2015-03-15     A Revelation of God's Love MP3
2015-03-15     Leaving Lo-Debar MP3
2015-03-18     Words for Meditation (8) MP3 PDF
2015-03-29     Shining Light on the Flesh MP3
2015-04-01     Words for Meditation (9) MP3 PDF
2015-04-05     What is Your Easter Belief? MP3
2015-04-08     We Have More; We Must Do More MP3
2015-04-12     The Flesh is a Terrorist MP3
2015-04-15     Renewed Unto His Image MP3
2015-04-19     A Scriptural Perspective of Financial Increase MP3
2015-04-19     Seeing With Abrahamic Eyes MP3
2015-04-22     Words for Meditation (10) MP3 PDF
2015-04-26     Unchangeable Truth Regarding Finances MP3
2015-04-26     Faith Needs Love MP3
2015-04-29     Are You Still Looking For Manna? MP3
2015-05-03     Changing Your Attitude Toward Increase MP3
2015-05-03     Eating Promised Land Fruit MP3
2015-05-06     That Which Brings Destruction MP3
2015-05-10     The Foundation for Financial Increase MP3
2015-05-13     Emptying the Lord's Hospital MP3
2015-05-15     Deeper Into Salvation's Freedom MP3
2015-05-16     How Do We Endure? MP3
2015-05-20     Are You Taking Prisoners? MP3
2015-05-24     Supernatural Financial Wisdom MP3
2015-05-27     Dealing With Problems MP3
2015-05-31     Will You Be An Overcomer (1) MP3
2015-05-31     Will You Be An Overcomer? (2) MP3
2015-06-07     The Final Generation? MP3
2015-06-07     Don't Believe Lies MP3
2015-06-10     Set Free vs Made Free MP3
2015-06-14     The Rise of the Reprobate Mind (Pt 1) MP3
2015-06-14     The Rise of the Reprobate Mind (Pt 2) MP3
2015-06-17     Truly Living By Faith MP3
2015-06-21     Don't Shackle God's Hands MP3
2015-06-24     Are There Dardars in Your Life? MP3
2015-06-28     When Faith Seems Ineffective MP3 PDF
2015-07-05     The Spreading Plague (Pt 1) MP3
2015-07-05     The Spreading Plague (Pt 2) MP3
2015-07-08     More Than Words on a Page MP3
2015-07-12     Is Your Church in Disorder? MP3
2015-07-12     Are You in Disorder? MP3
2015-07-15     When God Rises MP3

2015-07-19     How to Have Success in God's Kingdom (Pt 1) MP3
2015-07-19     How to Have Success in God's Kingdom (Pt 2) MP3
2015-07-22     Food for Hope MP3
2015-07-26     Is your Heart Established? MP3
2015-07-26     The Established Heart and Deliverance MP3
2015-08-02     Three Critical Revelations MP3
2015-08-02     The Sustaining Power of Joy MP3
2015-08-07     Don't Fail Your Confession MP3
2015-08-12     Three Critical Revelations (Pt 1) MP3
2015-08-16     Three Critical Revelations (Pt 2) MP3
2015-08-16     Blessed is the Man MP3
2015-08-19     Are You Ready to Disciple? MP3
2015-08-23     Passing the Mantle (St. Thomas, ONT) MP3
2015-08-24     The Mantle & Local Church (St. Thomas, ONT) MP3
2015-08-30     Are You Sure You Wouldn't? MP3
2015-08-30     A Brief Look at the Elder MP3
2015-09-02     The Voice of Our New Nature MP3
2015-09-06     A Review of Two Prophecies MP3
2015-09-09     Words for Meditation (11) MP3 PDF
2015-09-13     Fasting, Unity and Change MP3
2015-09-13     Does Grace Require Works? MP3
2015-09-16     Neither Barren nor Unfruitful MP3
2015-09-20     Fasting for a Breakthrough MP3
2015-09-20     Will You Build a Chamber? MP3
2015-09-23     Fasting in the New Testament MP3
2015-09-27     Unlocking the Greatest Kingdom Mystery MP3
2015-09-27     The Great No-Names MP3
2015-09-30     God's Perspective on Confession MP3
2015-10-05     Be Teachable and Endure MP3
2015-10-11     Don't Be A Reuben Or A Gad MP3
2015-10-11     Have You Had a Stroke? MP3
2015-10-14     Christians, Law and Grace MP3
2015-10-18     Healing is for RIGHT NOW MP3 PDF
2015-10-18     Healing and Mustard Seed Faith MP3 PDF
2015-10-21     Healing and Submission to Authority MP3 PDF
2015-10-25     Healing and God's Word MP3 PDF
2015-10-25     Healing and Spoken Authority MP3 PDF
2015-11-01     Healing and the Consistent Royal Decree (I) MP3
2015-11-04     Healing and the Consistent Royal Decree (II) MP3
2015-11-04     Don't Be a Fool's Fool MP3
2015-11-08     Healing and Kingdom Keys MP3
2015-11-08     Jesus the Disciple MP3
2015-11-11     Trials, Deliverance and Wisdom MP3
2015-11-15     Healing and the Four Pillars MP3 PDF
2015-11-15     Words for Meditation (12) MP3 PDF
2015-11-18     Jesus, The Holy Spirit and Christians MP3
2015-11-22     Questions About Tongues - Pt 1 MP3 PDF
2015-11-22     Questions About Tongues - Pt 2 MP3 PDF
2015-12-02     Beware of Vanity of the Mind MP3
2015-12-06     Is the Unity Foundation Cracked? MP3
2015-12-09     Renewed Unto Proving MP3
2015-12-16     Nothing Has Changed MP3
2015-12-20     Christmas Presents From Our Father MP3



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