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2016-01-10     Don't Underestimate your New Nature MP3 VID
2016-01-13     Do You Want Truth Or Not? MP3 VID
2016-01-17     What Is Christianity? MP3 VID PDF
2016-01-20     Will You Be Eating Grass? MP3 VID
2016-01-24     Water, Growth and Tear Down MP3 VID
2016-01-24     Can You Discern False Prophecy? MP3 VID
2016-27-21     Words About God's Love MP3 VID PDF
2016-01-29     Our Kingdom Foundation MP3
2016-01-30     Our Kingdom Life MP3
2016-01-31     Our Kingdom Mindset MP3
2016-01-31     Developing a Kingdom Mindset MP3
2016-02-01     Living By Kingdom Faith MP3
2016-02-07     The God of Restoration (I) MP3 VID
2016-02-07     The God of Restoration (II) MP3 VID
2016-02-10     Happiness, Joy, Peace & Obedience MP3 VID
2016-02-14     The Fall of a Nation MP3 VID
2016-02-21     Truth or Tradition 1 Rebuking Devils MP3 PDF
2016-02-21     Truth of Tradition 2 Generational Curses MP3 PDF
2016-02-22     Truth or Tradition 3 A Heavenly Mansion MP3 PDF
2016-02-23     Truth or Tradition 4 The Humanity of Jesus MP3 PDF
2016-02-24     Truth or Tradition 5 The Blood of Jesus MP3 PDF
2016-02-28     Words for Meditation (13) MP3 VID PDF
2016-02-28     The Disobedience Domino Effect MP3 VID
2016-03-02     Words for Meditation (14) MP3 VID PDF
2016-03-06     Christians, Common Sense & Social Relevance MP3 VID PDF
2016-03-06     Operating in Your Anointing MP3 VID
2016-03-09     Who Are Your Friends? MP3 VID
2016-03-16     As It Was, So It Is MP3 VID
2016-03-20     Authority, Power, Results MP3 VID
2016-03-20     The Joy of a Burden MP3 VID
2016-03-23     What God Thinks About You MP3 VID
2016-03-27     The Great Easter Mistake MP3 VID
2016-03-30     Who's Responsibility Is It? MP3 VID
2016-04-03     Is There a Portal for Baal? MP3 VID
2016-04-06     How is Your Faith Described? MP3 VID
2016-04-06     Is Your Foundation Solid? MP3 VID
2016-04-10     Glory in the Midst of Silence MP3 VID
2016-04-10     Do You Know Them? MP3 VID
2016-04-13     The Sacrifices of a Christian MP3 VID
2016-04-17     Sent Like Jesus MP3 VID
2016-04-17     Abused Yet Victorious MP3 VID
2016-04-20     Are You Conference Ready? MP3 VID
2016-05-01     Prepare Now for Tomorrow's War MP3 VID
2016-05-04     Do You Know the Truth MP3 VID
2016-05-08     A Godly Slave Master MP3 VID
2016-05-11     Words for Meditation (15) MP3 VID PDF
2016-05-15     A Key to Financial Increase MP3 VID
2016-05-15     Words for Meditation (16) MP3 VID PDF
2016-05-18     Are You Established? MP3 VID
2016-05-22     Elijah's Like Passions MP3 VID
2016-05-22     Where is Your "There"? MP3 VID
2016-05-25     The Old Doesn't Work MP3 VID
2016-05-29     Praise 1 - Restoring Your Praise MP3 VID PDF
2016-06-01     Die So You Can Live MP3 VID
2016-06-05     Praise 2: Our Priestly Responsibility MP3 VID PDF
2016-06-05     Humility Unto Exaltation MP3 VID
2016-06-08     There's More Than We Know MP3 VID
2016-06-12     Praise 3: The Foreshadow of Praise MP3 VID PDF
2016-06-12     Don't Take Prophecy Lightly MP3
2016-06-19     Man's Nature and Change MP3
2016-06-22     Your Judgment is Coming MP3 VID
2016-06-26     Praise 4: Give God What He Seeks MP3 VID PDF
2016-06-26     You Are God's Precious Treasure MP3 VID
2016-06-29    A Deadly End-Times Error MP3 VID

2016-07-02     Praise 5: A Love Song to Jesus MP3 VID PDF
2016-07-06     Are You Taking God Seriously? MP3 VID
2016-07-10     Praise 6: 8 Reasons Satan Hates Praise (1) MP3 VID PDF
2016-07-13     Voice or Conscience? MP3 VID
2016-07-17     Praise 7: 8 Reasons Satan Hates Praise (2) MP3 VID PDF
2016-07-17     Distress of Nations with Perplexity MP3 PDF
2016-07-20     What Works Did Jesus Do? MP3 VID
2016-07-24     What Kind of Lips Do You Have? MP3 VID
2016-07-31     Praise 8: Do You Really Worship MP3 VID PDF
2016-07-31     Why Some Leave MP3 VID
2016-08-03     Walking in Light & Reconciliation MP3 VID
2016-08-07    Praise 9: Fulfilling God's Will MP3 VID PDF
2016-08-07     God's Love, His Grace and Hell MP3 VID
2016-08-10     Born Again: A Synoptic Perspective MP3 VID PDF
2016-08-14     Praise 10: Sing a New Song MP3 VID PDF
2016-08-14     God's Love, His Grace and Trials MP3
2016-08-17    True Faith Never Fails MP3 VID
2016-08-21     Praise 11 Restoring the Tabernacle of David MP3 VID PDF
2016-08-21     An Evening in God's Presence MP3
2016-08-24     Understanding Satan's Authority MP3 VID
2016-08-27     Christians Must Be Kingdom-Minded MP3
2016-08-28     Developing a Kingdom Mindset MP3 PDF
2016-08-31     Principles for Life Alignment MP3 VID
2016-09-04     Ordained Unto God MP3 VID
2016-09-07     Blessings Waiting to Manifest MP3 VID
2016-09-11     Praise 12: Praising the Everlasting King MP3 VID PDF
2016-09-11     Fortified Against the Flesh MP3 VID
2016-09-14     Are You Receiving the One Sent? MP3 VID
2016-09-18     Faith 1: An Introduction MP3 VID PDF
2016-09-18     When Will They Believe? MP3 VID
2016-09-21     The Stolen Word Leads to Calamity MP3 VID
2016-09-25     Faith 2: Unchangeable Faith Standards MP3 VID PDF
2016-09-25     Do You Know Your Covenant? MP3 VID
2016-09-29     Would You Like to See Jesus Manifested? MP3 VID
2016-10-04     God's Word and Spiritual Growth MP3
2016-10-09     Faith 3: Faith and the Mind MP3 VID PDF
2016-10-09     Scoffers, Mockers and Discernment MP3 VID
2016-10-12     The Untimely Death of a Christian MP3 VID
2016-10-16     Faith 4: The Perfect Seed MP3 VID PDF
2016-10-16     Words for Meditation (17) MP3 VID PDF
2016-10-19     Are God's Blessings Automatic? MP3 VID
2016-10-23     Faith 5 The Expectations of Faith MP3 VID PDF
2016-10-23     Words for Meditation (18) MP3 VID PDF
2016-10-26     The Gifts are not a Calling MP3 VID
2016-10-30     Pressing 1 Leave It Behind MP3 PDF
2016-10-30     Pressing 2 Will You Arise? MP3 PDF
2016-10-31     Pressing 3 The Glory of the Lord MP3 PDF
2016-11-01     Pressing 4 The Gentiles Are Coming MP3 PDF
2016-11-06     Faith 6: Faith & Healing MP3 VID PDF
2016-11-06     Devils and Accountability MP3 VID
2016-11-07     Exhortation and Confessions for Elections MP3 VID PDF
2016-11-09     Post-Election Prophetic Word MP3 VID PDF
2016-11-13     Faith 7: Faith and Our Covenant MP3 VID PDF
2016-11-13     Things the Holy Spirit Will Not Teach MP3 VID
2016-11-16     The Coming Great Awakening (A Prophecy) MP3 VID PDF
2016-11-20     Faith 8: Faith, Failures and Grace MP3 VID PDF
2016-11-20     Are You Unstable or Approved? MP3 VID
2016-11-30     When a Tishbite Speaks MP3 VID
2016-12-04     Faith 9: Faith Has Vision MP3 VID PDF
2016-12-11     Faith 10: Faith is From Within MP3 VID PDF
2016-12-11     Protection Against Deception MP3 VID
2016-12-14     You WILL Be Rewarded MP3 VID
2016-12-21     Our Responsibility to Covenant Giving MP3 VID
2016-12-24     Jesus: The Christmas Christ to All MP3 VID
2016-12-28     Preparing the Next Generation MP3 VID



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