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2018-01-03     Is This the Year Of? MP3 VID
2018-01-07     The Prosperous Christian Pt 1: Curse-Free MP3 VID
2018-01-07     So, You Want Action? MP3 VID
2018-01-10     A Joshua Christian MP3 VID
2018-01-14     The Prosperous Christian Pt 2 The Tithe MP3 VID
2018-01-14     You Must Be Kingdom-Minded (UR81) MP3 VID PDF
2018-01-17     Is Paul Welcome in Your Church? MP3 VID
2018-01-21     The Prosperous Christian 3 The Muzzled Ox MP3 VID
2018-01-21     Praise Your Way Out MP3 VID
2018-01-24     Neglectful Christians MP3 VID
2018-01-26     The Foundation of Church Growth MP3 VID
2018-01-27     The Watchman of Church Growth MP3 VID
2018-01-27     Wolves of Church Growth MP3
2018-01-28     Signs, Wonders and Church Growth MP3
2018-01-28     Preparing for Church Growth MP3
2018-01-31     Do Demons Have Names? MP3 VID
2018-02-04     When Will It Change? MP3 VID
2018-02-07     Was Jesus Deity or Human? MP3 VID
2018-02-11     The Prosperous Christian 4 The Action of Grace MP3 VID
2018-02-11     The Greatest Problem for Many Christians MP3 VID
2018-02-18     Pharisees and Faith MP3 VID
2018-02-18     Faith to Faith MP3 VID
2018-02-19     The Kingdom, the Image and Faith MP3 VID
2018-02-20     Elements of Faith MP3 VID
2018-02-21     A Step of Faith MP3 VID
2018-02-25     The Prosperous Christian 5 Keys to Increase MP3 VID
2018-02-25     Your Greatness is in Christ MP3 VID
2018-02-28     The End is Near MP3 VID
2018-03-04     Encountering God Through Worship MP3 VID
2018-03-04     Praise is a Mighty Weapon MP3 VID
2018-03-07     Prophetic Words are Alive MP3 VID PDF
2018-03-11     Revival God's Way MP3 VID
2018-03-11     Don't Hinder Revival with Truth MP3 VID
2018-03-14     What Will You Sacrifice for Truth? MP3 VID
2018-03-18     Pride, Rebellion & Destruction (I) MP3 VID
2018-03-18     Pride, Rebellion & Destruction (II) MP3 VID
2018-03-21     God's Word: Literature of Life? MP3 VID
2018-03-25     The Narrow-Minded Christian MP3 VID
2018-03-25     Are You a Smellfungus? MP3 VID
2018-03-28     Words for Meditation (22) MP3 VID PDF
2018-04-01     Jesus, Easter & You MP3 VID
2018-04-04     Don't Excuse the Flesh MP3 VID
2018-04-08     Is Inter-Racial Marriage Scriptural? MP3 VID
2018-04-08     There is an Appointed Time MP3 VID
2018-04-11     Do You Know What You Believe? MP3
2018-04-15     A Berean Believer MP3
2018-04-15     Belonging, Worth & Competency MP3
2018-04-18     This is Your Opportunity MP3



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