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(1) S175 Understanding Dreams and Visions
Throughout both the Old and New Testaments, God is seen ministering to people through dreams and visions. Even the Apostle Peter confirmed a prophecy the Christians would have dreams and visions. In spite of this, many Believers today are extremely skeptical, thinking this subject is New Age deception or a work of the devil. This series dispels the confusion and reveals the scriptural truth about dreams and visions and their interpretation.

1  Dreams and Visions Pt   1 MP3
2  Dreams and Visions Pt   2 MP3
3  Dreams and Visions Pt   3 MP3
4  Dreams and Visions Pt   4 MP3
5  Dreams and Visions Pt   5 MP3
6  Dreams and Visions Pt   6 MP3
7  Dreams and Visions Pt   7 MP3
8  Dreams and Visions Pt   8 MP3
9  Dreams and Visions Pt   9 MP3
10  Dreams and Visions Pt 10 MP3
11  Dreams and Visions Pt 11 MP3
12  Dreams and Visions Pt 12 MP3

(2) S176 Kenton Believer's Conference
A special weekend conference explaining how Christians can go deeper in their walk with God.

1  Establishing the Father's Will MP3
2  The Holy Spirit - Our Teacher MP3
3  The Holy Spirit and the Father's Will MP3

(3) S177 South Korea Word of Faith Conference
A week long series of powerful meetings at both the Jesus Academy and the Jesuslike Church taking Believers on a journey through scripture to help them understand more of what it means to live for Jesus.

1  The Physics Of God MP3
2  Ready Always To Answer (I) MP3
3  Ready Always To Answer (II) MP3
4  Establishing The Father's Will MP3
5  Good And Corrupt Trees MP3
6  The Holy Spirit And The Father's Will MP3
7  Discover Your Ministry MP3
8  Let This Mind Be In You MP3
9  Kingdom Thinking MP3
10  1 Corinthians 14 MP3
11  The Practical Side Of Ministry MP3
12  The Word Is Your Seed MP3
13  The Anointing To Conquer MP3
14  Persecuted For Truth MP3
15  The Old Man Must Die MP3

(4) S178 Understanding Your Deliverance
Jesus said, "Whom the Son sets free is free indeed." But what good is freedom if you don't know you have it? This outstanding series will open your eyes to grasp the depth of your deliverance from everything that is not of God! (Taught at the Family Prayer Center Rehab.)

1  God's Plan for Man MP3
2  The Mind The Word The Plan MP3
3  The Word, The Holy Spirit, The Plan MP3
4  The Holy Spirit, Our Spirit, The Plan MP3
5  Praying in the Spirit and God's Plan MP3
6  Deliverance To Live God's Plan MP3
7  The Book of Your Life MP3
8  Worship, Deliverance, and God's Plan MP3

(5) S181 John Chapter 5
This verse-by-verse breakdown of John chapter five will absolutely expose many long-standing traditions in the Church today as being unscriptural!

1  Don't Sit By The Pool MP3
2  Religion Is Self Centered MP3
3  Judgement Belongs To Jesus MP3
4  The Dead Shall Rise MP3
5  Bearing Witness Of Christ MP3
6  Do You Believe Moses MP3

(6) S182 Knowing, Understanding & Possessing Your Inheritance
Scripture tells us Christians are joint-heirs with Christ. But what exactly does that mean, and what exactly have we inherited? Through these sermons you may discover that you have been living far beneath your God-ordained inheritance!

1  The Inheritance of the Saints MP3
2  Our Inheritance is Documented (1) MP3
3  Our Inheritance is Documented (2) MP3
4  Preparing to Live in Our Inheritance MP3
5  Crossing Over Into Our Inheritance MP3
6  The Inheritance Monument MP3
7  Circumcised for the Inheritance MP3
8  Confronting Jericho MP3
9  The Trap of the Accursed Thing MP3
10  The Inheritance of the Saints MP3
11  The Enemy's Most Successful Weapon MP3



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