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(1) S106 Exposing Satan's War Manual
Incredible revelations from the Bible detail Satan's intricate plans to counteract every ministry operation God has established and how he plans destruction in your life.

1  The Counterfeit Kingdom MP3
2  Interrupting Divine Communication MP3
3  Keeping The Word In Its Sheath MP3
4  The Weapon Of Deception MP3
5  The Fiery Darts Of The Wicked MP3
6  The Gates Of Hell MP3

(2) S149 Dominion Over Devils
The Bible says Christians have been delivered from the power of darkness and into the Kingdom of God. Thus, whatever we have in His Kingdom belongs to us and the devil has no right to it. Discover the authority Jesus has given us so we can keep what is ours!

1  Authority Over Your Inheritance MP3
2  Dominion Over Devils - Part 1 MP3
3  Dominion Over Devils - Part 2 MP3

(3) S156 Entering The Realm Of The Spirit
Incredibly, some Christians deny the existence of hell! The reason is that too many simply do not understand the difference between the natural and the spiritual world. But God is a spirit; if we are going to live by faith they way He desires we absolutely must learn how to operate in the spirit!

1  The Reality Of The Spirit World MP3
2  Becoming Spiritually Minded MP3

(4) S157 The Kingdom Strikes First
Too many Christians are unprepared for an attack of the devil. The result is that they react in ways that sometimes seem too late to have any effect. This series will teach you what areas of your life will most likely be attacked, how to prepare for those attacks, and how to launch an attack of your own!

1  Don't Wait For The Attack MP3
2  Oh Be One Like Jesus MP3
3  Training With Master Jesus MP3
4  Exposing The Evil Empire MP3
5  Shining Light On The Dark Side MP3
6  The Wicked One's #1 Tactic MP3
7  Unwitting Allies To The Enemy MP3
8  Leaving The Kingdom's Protection MP3
9  Revenge Of The Righteous MP3



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