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(1) S102 What Is Partaking Of Christ's Sufferings?
Does the Bible really mean that Christians are to endure sickness, poverty and tragedy to suffer with Christ? If not, then what is the truth?

1  What Is Partaking Of Christ's Sufferings? MP3
2  What Is Partaking Of Christ's Sufferings? MP3

(2) S118 The Glory Of Christmas
This incredible series separates truth from fiction about the truth surrounding the birth of Jesus. A bonus tape "The First Thanksgiving" is included.

1  The Prophecy Of The Messiah MP3
2  The Unroyal Family MP3
3  The Virgin Birth, Mary, & Joseph MP3
4  The People Who Missed Christmas MP3
5  Come Let Us Worship The King MP3
6  The First Thanksgiving MP3

(3) S125 How To Keep Your Blessings
Why do some Christians seem to "lose" a healing or some other move of God in their life? These messages examine this problem and identify Biblical solutions.

1  How To Keep Your Blessings MP3
2  How To Keep Your Blessings MP3

(4) S128 The Sacred Nature Of Marriage
What is the real reason Christians get divorced? What does the wedding ceremony symbolize? Why should people wait until marriage to be intimate? What mistakes have ministers made regarding marriage and weddings?

1  The Wedding, Marriage, & Salvation MP3
2  Why Wait Till We Are Married? MP3
3  The Roles Of The Husband & Wife MP3
4  God's Divine Order MP3
5  What About Divorce? MP3

(5) S131 This Do In Remembrance Of Me
When you begin to understand the fullness of what the sacrificed blood and body of Jesus represents, the Lord's supper will take on a whole new meaning.

1  This Do In Remembrance MP3
2  The Price Has Been Paid MP3
3  The Provision For Peace & Unity MP3
4  Communion & Unforgiveness MP3

(6) S132 Water Baptism: A Foundation For Believers
Water baptism was heavily emphasized in the Book of Acts, yet many churches today seem to have devalued its importance. The truth about the need for water baptism goes far beyond what many Christians have been taught, and its basis can be traced all the way back to the first chapter of Genesis!

1  Why Should I Be Baptized? MP3
2  The Power In Baptism MP3
3  What Is Water Baptism? MP3
4  Gentile, Jew & Son MP3
5  Fulfilling All Righteousness MP3
6  A Pure, Spotless Bride MP3

(7) S134 The Intercession Of Jesus
The Bible tells us that Jesus "ever liveth to make intercession" for us. Does this mean that Jesus is before the Father praying for us? Or, does this intercession have a far deeper meaning than we have realized?

1  The Intercession Of Jesus MP3
2  The Intercession Of Jesus MP3

(8) S135 Getting Prayers Answered
One of the most important topics to nearly every Believer, this series examines the New Testament definition of prayer and why so many prayers seem to go unanswered.

1  Getting Prayers Answered MP3
2  Getting Prayers Answered MP3
3  Getting Prayers Answered MP3
4  Getting Prayers Answered MP3
5  Getting Prayers Answered MP3
6  Getting Prayers Answered MP3

(9) S136 The Force Of Grace
Scripture paints an image of grace that goes far beyond the idea that it is an "emotion" God feels for us. Grace is actually an unfathomable spiritual force flowing from God that can change every aspect of our lives!

1  Grace Is A Spiritual Force MP3
2  Grace That Brings Salvation MP3
3  We're Under Grace, Not The Law MP3
4  Grace For Justification & Authority MP3
5  Grace For The Knowledge Of Christ MP3
6  Grace For All Sufficiency MP3
7  Grace For The Presence Of Glory MP3
8  Grace, Power For Deliverance MP3
9  Releasing The Force Of Grace MP3

(10) S144 The Law Of The Spirit Of Life
Paul wrote in Romans 8:2, "For the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death." Unless we know precisely what the "law of the spirit of life" means, it will be almost impossible for us to understand our freedom.

1  The Law Of The Spirit Of Life MP3
2  The Law Of The Spirit Of Life MP3
3  The Law Of The Spirit Of Life MP3
4  The Law Of The Spirit Of Life MP3
5  The Law Of The Spirit Of Life MP3
6  The Law Of The Spirit Of Life MP3

(11) S152 Unlocking The Secrets Of Fasting
Unknown by many, the Bible reveals incredible truth about fasting. For some, fasting may be the key leading to a life filled with God's anointing and power. Learn the practical aspects of fasting, types of fasts, starting and ending a longer fast, and the physical effects of fasting.

1  Why Should I Fast? Part 1 MP3
2  Why Should I Fast? Part 2 MP3
3  Satan Hates Your Fast MP3
4  Fasting Will Attack Unbelief MP3
5  Fasting Is A Spiritual Principle MP3
6  Fasting & Spiritual Maturity MP3
7  Fasting, Faith & Confession MP3
8  The Source Of Unbelief MP3
9  Worship, The Word, & Fasting MP3
10  The Position Of Death MP3
11  Flesh vs Spirit MP3
12  God's Chosen Fast MP3
13  Dealing Your Bread MP3
14  Bring In The Poor Who Are Cast Out MP3
15  Covering The Naked MP3
16  Hide Not From Thy Flesh MP3
17  Thy Light Shall Break Forth MP3
18  Righteousness & Glory MP3
19  New Testament Fasting MP3
20  Jesus' 40 Day Fast MP3
21  Dead Flesh Doesn't Eat MP3
22  Attain To Resurrection Power MP3
23  Types Of Fasts MP3
24  Preparing For & Entering A Fast MP3
25  The Longer Fast MP3
26  Ending The Fast MP3

(12) S153 Operating in God's Wisdom
Education, life's experiences, and religious training cannot produce God's wisdom in Christians, but just the opposite has been taught to many Believers! Learn what God's wisdom is all about and how you can see His wisdom produce power and blessings.

1  Wisdom Is Calling MP3
2  Wisdom Produces MP3
3  Wisdom's Wealth MP3
4  The Voices Of Two Women MP3
5  Religion vs Wisdom MP3
6  Wisdom Or Wavering MP3
7  Operating In God's Wisdom MP3
8  Wisdom Comes From Above MP3
9  Developing Wisdom MP3

(13) S160 From Covenant To Son
As Christians we are often taught about "covenant rights" in our relationship with God. But when we understand both what a blood covenant is all about and what really happened when we became born again, we will see the blood of Jesus in a whole new light!

1  What Is A Blood Covenant? MP3
2  Forgiven Forever MP3
3  Peace With God MP3
4  Why A Covenant? MP3
5  Why Circumcision? MP3
6  Covenant Authority MP3
7  Why Jesus? MP3
8  Covenant Prosperity MP3
9  Covenant Giving MP3
10  The Covenant Partner's Life MP3
11  We Have Our Covenant Partner's Nature MP3
12  Christ's Sacrifice Once For All MP3
13  God's Life In Me MP3
14  Covenant Healing MP3
15  A Partner For The Battle MP3
16  The Testimony Of Our Covenant MP3

(14) S161 Prophets And Prophecy
Many Christians have seen their lives nearly destroyed from acting on a "word from God" someone spoke over them. Jesus warned that in the last days, false prophets would arise. This series will help you learn the difference from true and false prophecies.

1  Prophets & Prophecy MP3
2  Is All Prophecy God's Will? MP3
3  The Source Of Prophecy MP3
4  Prophecy & Order MP3
5  How To Judge & Accept Prophecy MP3
6  Prophets, Prophecy, & Your Future MP3

(15) S162 The Truth About Generational Curses
Is it true that the iniquities of the fathers are passed down to the third and fourth generations? Do Believers need to break generational curses in order to live free from adversity? This series will bring to light what God has really said about generational curses!

1  Line Upon Line MP3
2  Precept Upon Precept MP3
3  A Chosen Generation MP3
4  Why Do Generational Curses Seem Real? MP3
5  Imaginations Of The Curse MP3
6  Why Do I Keep Sinning? MP3

(16) S163 Is My Eternity Secure?
Many churches teach that it is impossible for Christians to "lose their salvation." On the other hand, some churches teach that it is possible to "fall from grace". This extremely detailed series definitively clarifies the issue of eternal security!

1  Hold Fast To Your Profession MP3
2  How Are You Minded? MP3
3  Don't Be A Foolish Galatian MP3
4  Salvation, Security, & Sin MP3
5  Can Christians Be Cut Off From Salvation? MP3
6  Don't Be Moved Away MP3
7  Take Heed How You Build MP3
8  Admonished By Example MP3
9  Sealed By The Holy Spirit MP3
10  Don't Sear Your Conscience MP3
11  The Foolish Heretic MP3
12  The Will Of Man & The Book Of Life MP3
13  The Soul That Errs MP3
14  No Man Can Pluck Them MP3
15  The Valley Of Hinnom MP3
16  Twice Dead MP3

(17) S165 Is Drinking Wine A Sin?
The answer to this question is clearly identified in scripture. At the same time, this question is simply at the surface of a greater issue affecting many Christians.

1  Is Drinking Wine A Sin? MP3
2  Is Drinking Wine A Sin? MP3
3  Is Drinking Wine A Sin? MP3

(18) S169 The Spirits In Prison
Gen. 6:1-4 speaks of the sons of God and the daughters of men marrying and having children…who were these people? First Peter 3:18-20 declares that Jesus preached to spirits in prison and that they were somehow connected to Noah…who were these spirits and what was this prison? How did people like Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, go to Heaven since they died before Jesus was even born? What does all of this have to do with Christians today?

1  Who Were The Sons Of God? Part 1 MP3
2  Who Were The Sons Of God? Part 2 MP3
3  The End Of All Flesh MP3
4  How Did They Repent? MP3
5  The Spirits In Prison MP3
6  The Angels That Sinned MP3

(19) S170 Do Christians Have A Sin Nature?
One of the biggest points of debate among many Believers is whether or not a Christian has a sin nature. These messages will take you through passages of scripture so you can learn for yourself what God has said about this issue.

1  The Sin Nature Origin MP3
2  The Law & The Sin MP3
3  What The Law Accomplished MP3
4  Out Of Darkness MP3
5  The Conscience Of Your Nature MP3
6  Circumcision & The Sin MP3
7  The Levitical Priesthood & The Sin Nature MP3
8  The Flesh vs The New Nature MP3

(20) S171 Can A Christian Have A Demon?
Many preachers teach that Christian's cannot have a demon because devils cannot cross the blood of Jesus and live in the same place with the Holy Ghost. Others teach that basically all Christians are "demonized" in some fashion, needing deliverance. These sermons will take you through scripture to find the truth.

1  What Is A Demon? MP3
2  The Fourth Dimension MP3
3  What Is Demon Possession? MP3
4  The Place Of Possession MP3
5  How Do Demons Get In? MP3
6  Getting Rid Of Demons MP3



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